Best Minecraft Shovel Enchantments

In the Minecraft world when you need to mine dirt, gravel, and sand blocks you can use a shovel. You can use other items as well but shovels are the most efficient of all. It works faster while mining underground. You can craft wooden shovels by using wooden planks and sticks. There are different types of shovels: diamond shovel, golden shovel, netherite shovel, stone shovel and iron shovel.

Shovel Enchantment

In Minecraft worlds you can use enchantments on the items to enhance their capabilities. To increase the attack level of shovels you can use enchantment on them. You can use different kinds of enchantments which vary on the basis of damage level they give to the shovel. Shovels can also be used as weapons to attack mobs because of their strength.

Best Shovel Enchantments

Some of the best enchantments you can use on shovels are listed below:


Efficiency enchantment is one of the magical powers that enhances the performance of your tools. A lot of experience points and lapis lazuli are required to get an efficiency enchantment. You can put an enchantment on the shovel using an anvil. It increases the attack damage level and speed of the shovel while mining.


You can use the enchantment called unbreaking when you do not want to lose the durability. You can use unbreaking enchantment to increase the durability of the shovel. As you use the item against some mob or to mine the blocks it gets damage but when you use unbreaking enchantment it increases the durability of your item.


The fortune enchantment increases the looting speed while mining. When you are mining to get some ores or other items found underground you can use this enchantment. This enchantment increases your mining speed with shovel so that you can get more ores in less time.


Mending enchantment also increases the level of durability of your tools and items including shovel. When you use mending enchantment your tools are always ready to use even after you have used them for a long time.

Silk Touch

In Minecraft world silk touch helps you to get the blocks and ores which are unobtainable with the normal tools. It increases the chance of getting the grass blocks and many ores while mining.


In the Minecraft world you can use enchantments to enhance the abilities of your simple tools like pickaxes, hoe, shears, and shovels. Shovels are mostly used to mine the blocks for different purposes and the best enchantments which you can use on shovels are efficiency, unbreaking, fortune, mending and silk touch.

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