Unbreaking Minecraft: Everything You need to know

As you progress deep into Minecraft’s world, you will encounter several mobs and make some fantastic items or armor. As you may know, everything used becomes old while losing its durability, which is the same in Minecraft. Every weapon, tool, or armor a player uses makes that item nearly useless and breaks. This is where an Enchantment called Unbreaking comes up, reducing the chance of losing durability.

Today’s guide will cover everything about the Unbreaking Enchantment in Minecraft, including the following

  1. What is Unbreaking in Minecraft
  2. What does Unbreaking do in Minecraft
  3. How does Unbreaking work in Minecraft and some Pro Tips to level up your game

What is Unbreaking in Minecraft

Unbreaking in an Enchantment which increases the life your tools by reducing the chance of losing their durability, and it is one of the easiest yet valuable enchantments available in-game.

You should know that it doesn’t increase durability, so don’t confuse it with mending enchantment.

What is the highest level of Unbreaking in Minecraft

There are three levels of Unbreaking enchantment in Minecraft, and with each level, the chances of ignoring the durability loss of the item enchanted with it.

Here is the percentage of ignorance of losing durability.

Level Chances to ignore Durability (%)
I 20
II 26.7
III 30

How to get Unbreaking Enchantment

Unbreaking in Minecraft can be obtained by one of the following methods.

Getting Unbreaking Enchantment using Enchantment Table

An enchantment table is a fastest and most reliable way to get almost all the enchantments, and Unbreaking is one of them. However, the following items are required to use the Enchantment table.

  1. Enchanting Table (a section explains everything about it)
  2. Lapis Lazuli
  3. Bookshelves to get more levels on enchantment

And we got Unbreaking III on our first try.

Getting Unbreaking Enchantment using Anvil

Anvil is mainly used to repair tools or weapons but can also be used to enchant or disenchant.

As seen in the image above, we used an enchantment book which can be obtained using one of the following ways.

Enchantment Books from Chests or Buried Treasures

if you are a traveler, you have found many buried treasures or chests that often have enchanted books. Still, if you are lucky enough, there may be an item already enchanted with Unbreaking.

Unbreaking Enchantment Book from Fishing

If you are fond of fishing, congratulations because you can find some rare items while fishing and enchantment books are one of them.

Unbreaking Enchantment Book from Trading

The enchantment books could be traded with librarians for emeralds, and you can learn everything about librarians in a dedicated section, especially for trading, in our guide.

Unbreaking Enchantment Command

If you have enabled cheats on your map or server, the following command will give you the Unbreaking III enchantment on the tools you hold.

First press the key “T” and then use

/enchant @p unbreaking 3

Pro Tips on Unbreaking Minecraft

  1. If you are looking for indestructible tools, combine Unbreaking III and Mending Enchantment on that tool; you will be amazed to see how long it lasts.
  2. Unbreaking can be combined with almost all other Enchantments in Minecraft, which gives an Over Powered effect because some enchantments like Thorns reduce the durability of your armor, but Unbreaking will lessen those chances.
  3. Mending is better than Unbreaking because it increases durability, while Unbreaking doesn’t let any item lose durability.


Is it frustrating to know about your favorite tools being broken right? An enchantment makes your tools last longer so that you don’t fall behind any other, so we brought Unbreaking, which will cover the worries of the durability issues with your tools.

That’s it for Unbreaking, and we will be right back with yet another adventure full of thrills and fascinating facts, so stay tuned until then.

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