How to Make an Iron Shovel in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most played games that has taken the world by storm, being played by children and adults alike. This game comes with endless blocks that you can get by digging and later you can use those blocks to craft many other items as well in the game. There is a tool with the name of the shovel that is specifically designed for this purpose and in this article, we are going to discuss the iron shovel.

Materials Required to Make an Iron Shovel

The list of items required to make an iron shovel along with their quantity is mentioned in the table below.

How to Make Sticks

The first item that is needed for making sticks is the wooden logs and for that, you need to cut any tree that you can find. You can cut it either with your hands or using an ax which will speed up the process and will give you benefit in the long run.

After that, you need to place a wooden log either in your own crafting grid or you can use a crafting table which is highly recommended as you can make all the items using this block. So,

When you place a wooden log you will get 4 wooden planks and if you already don’t have the crafting table in your inventory then you can make one by using these 4 wooden planks.

Now you should get another log and then make 4 planks again and from them use any of the 2 planks to make 4 sticks.

How to Make Iron Ingot

The second item that is needed for the recipe is to make 1 iron ingot and for that, you need to first find the iron ore and then mine it using a stone pickaxe. Keep in mind that you need at least a stone pickaxe otherwise you won’t be able to mine this ore.

How to make a Stone Pickaxe: If you don’t have a stone pickaxe, then you can make one by using 3 cobblestones and 2 sticks and need to place it on the crafting table in the exact same order as shown.

How to Find Iron Ore: The highest chance of finding the iron ore is by exploring the caves or tunnels so it is best for you to find these locations first. You can see the appearance of iron ore by seeing the below image as it is brown in color.

How to Make a Furnace: After getting the iron ore you need to convert it to an iron ingot and for that, you need a furnace that can be made using 8 cobblestones.

Now you will need to place the furnace on the ground and right-click on it which will show you two different slots, one at the bottom which is for placing any fuel like a wooden log or plank that you have already made, and the top slot you need to place the block of iron ore.

How to Make an Iron Shovel

As you have acquired all the required items then you can make a shovel by placing 2 sticks and 1  iron ingot on the crafting table in the exact same way as shown below.


Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and it is enjoyed by both children and adults. This game comes with an unending supply of blocks that you may obtain by digging, and you can subsequently utilize those blocks to construct a variety of different objects in the game. There is a tool known as the shovel that is particularly intended for this function, and we will explore the iron shovel in this article.

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