How to Make a Netherite Shovel in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and it is enjoyed by both children and adults. This game comes with an unending supply of blocks that you may obtain by digging, and you can subsequently utilize those blocks to construct a variety of different objects in the game. There is a tool known as the netherite shovel that is particularly intended for this function, and we will explore that in this article.

Required Materials to Make the Netherite Shovel

You will need only two items to make a netherite shovel, the first one is one netherite ingot whereas the second one is one diamond shovel.

How to Make a Netherite Ingot

You can’t make the netherite ingot without going into the nether world as you can find all the required items from there. To go there you need to make a nether portal and for that, we have prepared a detailed guide on that. Now after understanding the method of reaching the ancient world the next thing that you need is to get the diamond pickaxe. The reason is that the blocks of ancient debris that are necessary to make the netherite ingot can only be mined with the diamond pickaxe and its recipe are mentioned in the image below.

After reaching the nether world you need to find the blocks of ancient debris that are mostly found at the value of the Y coordinate of -14 or close to this. If you are not familiar with this block then you can get the basic idea by looking at the image below. Now you need to find this block and mine at least 4 of this ancient debris

After mining them you need to place them on the furnace that will give you a netherite scrap whereas you can make a furnace by placing 8 cobblestones on the crafting table.

This was the first item needed to make the netherite ingot, the second item are the 4 gold ingots for which you need to mine the golden ore. You can easily find the golden ore inside the nether world by exploring this biome from Y = 0 to 31 whereas you can mine it using an iron pickaxe or a higher one.

As you have collected the required items, now you can make a netherite ingot by placing these two items on the crafting table as shown below.

How to Make a Diamond Shovel

You can make a diamond shovel by placing 1 diamond and 2 sticks on the crafting table as shown below.

If you are unaware of getting sticks and have no clue as to how you can make it then you will need 2 wooden planks that will provide you 4 sticks after you place them on the crafting table.

How to Make a Netherite Shovel

The main two items that are needed to make a netherite shovel are the netherite ingot and the diamond shovel that you have already made in the previous sections. Now you need another tool with the name of the smithing table that will be used to combine these two items and in return, you will get the netherite shovel. To make a smithing table, you will need 2 iron ingots and 4 wooden planks and after that, you need to follow the below-mentioned recipe.

After making it you need to place a diamond shovel on the first slot from the left side and the netherite ingot on the second slot that will give you a netherite shovel.

Netherite shovel is the most durable shovel which means it lasts longer than any other shovel. It can also be used to attack the mobs, it has attack damage of +6.5.


Digging is one of the most common and useful methods in the Minecraft game that can provide you with lots of valuable ores and other building blocks. You can use these ores and blocks not only to make buildings but you can also use them for your own advantage as well and for that, you need a specific tool with the name of the netherite shovel.

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