What Does the Fortune Enchantment Do in Minecraft

The Minecraft game comes with lots of different enchantments that are there to help you in improving your gaming play and provide you aid in difficult situations. One of them is the fortune enchantment that you can use to increase the looting speed so that you can mine more ore minerals in a lesser time.

What You can do with the Fortune Enchantment

As stated earlier, when you use the fortune enchantment on any tool you can gather more minerals and ores in almost half of the time. For example, we have mined the copper ore with the normal iron pickaxe without the enchantment and we got 1 copper ore by mining 1 block.

Now, with the fortune enchantment you can mine 2 or more copper ores by mining a single block of copper as shown below:

This is just one example as there are lots of different ore available in the game such as redstone, iron, gold, diamond and netherite so these ores will also give you the same result when you try to mine them using the fortune enchantment. Also in this article we have discussed the pickaxe only but you can apply the same thing on axe and shovel as well.

If you are interested in learning the process of making the fortune enchantment, then we are going to discuss it in the next section.

Required Materials to Make a Fortune Enchantment

You will need any tool that can be a pickaxe, an axe or a shovel and you will also need a fortune enchantment book to make the fortune enchantment book.

How to Make an Anvil

Making an anvil consists of two main steps. In the first one you need to make 4 blocks of iron ingots whereas in the second step you will need 3 blocks of iron as well.

Making of the Iron Ingot: This requires you to find the iron ore first and then later you have to mine it with a stone pickaxe or a better one. You can get more details regarding the stone pickaxe by reading this article. Iron ore can easily be found in the caves and tunnels which is gray to in color as shown below:

After that you need to place any fuel source and iron ore inside a furnace and in return you will get the iron ingot. For more information regarding the furnace and how you can make it you can visit this article.

Making of the Block of iron: 1 block of iron requires you mine 9 blocks of iron ingots as shown below and making 3 of them requires you to mine 27 blocks.

Making of the Anvil:
Now you need to follow the sequence as shown in the image below and place 4 pieces of iron ingots and 3 blocks of iron accordingly on the crafting table.

How to Get the Fortune Enchantment Book

Getting the fortune enchantment requires you to find the idle villager in any of the nearby village biomes that has no job to do. Now you need to place the lectern close to it that will assign him the job of librarian and then you can trade the book of fortune.

Now you need to right-click on the villager, and you will get two options for trade as shown below:


As the name suggests, fortune enchantment can be used to improve your fortune in the game. This means that you can mine more items in a less time when you compare it without this enchantment. This will help you in a difficult situation if you have limited resources but you want more for crafting purposes.

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