How to Locate Mesa Biomes in Minecraft

The Mesa biome, often known as the Badland is one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. It is famous for its characteristic terrain, made of red sand and terracotta blocks. It often generates alongside abandoned mineshafts and is also famous for having a lot of golden ore spawn in its terrain. Similar to the desert, it is also a dry biome, with cactus and dead bushes around. It has 6 variants and trees only spawn in the Mesa Plateau. Now, you must be thinking about finding one, here is everything you should know so that you can locate the Mesa biome in Minecraft.

How to Locate Mesa Biomes in Minecraft?

The Mesa biome is made up of red sand, cactus, dead bushes and terracotta.

It has 6 variants named as:

  • Mesa – Contains all the man components like red sand, dead bushes, terracotta and cactus
  • Mesa Bryce – Mainly contains spikey generation of terrain
  • Mesa Plateau – A plateau-like generation with plain hills on top
  • Mesa Plateau M – Contains random clay structure
  • Mesa Plateau F- A plateau with oak trees on top
  • Mesa Plateau F M -Mix of F and M Plateau, making it a less plateau-like generation

To locate the Mesa biome in Minecraft, we have 3 main options:

1: Locate Mesa Biome Using Manual Exploration

It is the most tedious way, look out for the dry biomes around you like deserts and then explore till you find the Mesa biome. It can (based on your seed and luck) be quite near to your base or 100s of blocks away from your current location.

2: Locate Mesa Biomes Using /locate Command

The /locate command is also used in Minecraft to find any biome, structure or poi in-game. The /locate command can be executed to identify the coordinates of the Mesa biome.

To find the nearest badland/Mesa biome, use this command:

/locate biome minecraft:badlands

On execution of the command, you will see the coordinates on your screen where the Mesa biome exists.

On visiting these exact coordinates, you will find the Mesa biome.

3: Locate Mesa Biome Using Structure Finder

If you don’t want to use the /locate command and also want to save yourself from the hassle of roaming around, you can use a structure finder website like Chunkbase. You just need to enter seeds in their interface and then you can see all the biomes, structures and everything else on that map.

To learn how to use Structure Finder to find biomes in Minecraft, visit here.


What are the Top 3 Rarest Biomes in Minecraft?

Ans: The Mushroom Fields, Eroded Badlands and Bamboo Jungle biome are the rarest biomes in Minecraft.

Is Mesa Biome Hot?

Ans: It is the hottest biome in the game.

Can piglins Naturally Spawn in Mesa Biome?

Ans: No, as they are the nether-exclusive mobs in Minecraft.


Mesa is one the driest biomes in the Minecraft world, found near other warm biomes. It is made up of red sand and terracotta blocks, alongside dead bushes and cacti in its terrain. It also has multiple variants in the generation. You can easily find a Mesa biome either by exploring manually, using the /locate command or by using a structure finder website by putting the seed in it. It allows players to find this biome without facing any difficulty.

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