How to Make a Raid Farm in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world there some mobs like pillagers are armed mobs and they raid the other mobs. During raiding there is a chance that they drop different items. To collect these items, you can make raid farms and there is a hidden store under the raid farm to store these items. This article will guide you step by step on how you can make a raid farm.

How to Make a Raid Farm

Follow the below mentioned guide to make a raid farm in Minecraft:

Step 1: Make the 3×1 centre of the farm by digging out the blocks:

Step 2: Place blue wool in the centre hole and start making edges of the farm:

Step 3: Just one block away from the centre make a 3×2 hole for the villager and place a bed:

Step 4: Cover the hole where the villager will live so that other mobs do not attack him:

Step 5: Place the glow stone at two corners of the farm: 

Step 6: Place the slabs at the edges so that water remains in the boundary:

Step 7: Hold the water bucket in your hand and click on the glow stone to fill up the farm with water:

Step 8: This is how the farm will look like:

Step 9: Start digging the hole where you made a centre of the farm at first:

Step 10: After mining out make a storage room where you can store your valuables after rade:


In Minecraft you can raid farms by creating a pool-like area. First you have to make a hole for the centre point of reference and then mineout a room for the villager with a bed and cover it. After placing the glow stones and slabs you can add water to the farm and dig out a hole to make a hidden storage room under the raid form.

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