How to Build an Efficient Skeleton XP Farm in Minecraft

Farm in Minecraft is always a great way to gather resources. Players like to make different types of farms including mob farms, food farms and xp farms. These farms allow players to gather huge piles of items and resources in the least amount of time. Players can get items like Carrots, Potatoes, Ender Pearls, bones, Armor, and many other items. These farms are also great for gathering xp for enchanting tools and armor, which otherwise is quite a headache. Today I will be teaching you how to make an extremely easy and useful Skeleton Xp farm in Minecraft.

How to Build an Efficient Skeleton XP Farm in Minecraft

A Skeleton Xp farm is built mainly for gathering experience, bones, bows and arrows. Players can also get enchanted/unenchanted armor too from this farm. To build a Skeleton Xp farm, there is a stepwise process you need to follow, which is given below.

Step 1: The first thing is to find a Skeleton Spawner, which can be found inside dungeons. So find a dungeon specifically with a Skeleton spawner inside it (these are quite rare and can be found by exploring caves in Minecraft and their distinct feature is that they are made of cobblestone).

Step 2: Disable the spawner by placing a light block on top of it. You should also light up the caves around it, as it is now difficult to reduce the spawn rate after the mob spawn changes.

Step 3: Clear the space around the spawner as shown (I have clear 3-block space on top and bottom of the spawner. Also 4 blocks area from all 4 sides).

Step 4: Make the water funnel system by placing water on one side of the box to move all mobs on one side. Then clear the two-block space at the end of the water flow to gather all the skeletons in a corner.

Step 5: Now make a bubble elevator to take those skeletons to a certain height (less than 22 blocks height for one hit kill). Then funnel them to a downfall to the stop where your collection system is set up.

Step 6: Place any block, then place a hopper below it. Place another hopper on top of the first hopper and funnel it into the loot collection chest.

Step 7: Once you have completed the hopper loot collection system, you can head to the spawner room and activate it by removing sources of light from it. Skeletons will start spawning immediately after.

Step 8: Wait in the crushing chamber and hit them using any weapon to gather XP. If you want to run it automatically, stay logged in to the game while using the AFK (away from keyboard) strategy.

Skeletons will automatically take damage and die due to magma block underneath and drop loot items.

So your easy and highly efficient Skeleton Xp farm is finally completed, use it to gather tons of items including bones, arrows and many others.

Uses of Skeleton Xp Farm in Minecraft

Skeleton Xp Farm is mainly used to gather arrows and bones. The arrows can be utilized to use bows or crossbows during combat. They can also be utilized to make tipped and spectral arrows.

The bones can be used to make bone meal, bone blocks and also to craft white dye.


Is Skeleton Farm Good for XP?

Ans: Yes, it is one of the most useful farms for getting a quick Xp in Minecraft.

How Much XP Do Withers Give?

Ans: A Wither gives 50 XP on death in Minecraft.

Can a Skeleton Break Blocks?

Ans: No, a skeleton cannot break blocks.


Skeleton Xp farms are one of the easiest and yet the most useful farms in Minecraft. It can be made using a Skeleton spawner that is generated naturally in a dungeon. Simply clear the area around the spawner, then funnel them to a corner using a water stream. After this using a bubble elevator, make them drop from a certain height to the killing chamber. Now either kill with your sword or use a magma block underneath. Collect all the loot using a collection chamber below the killing chamber. This is how to build an efficient Skeleton Xp farm in Minecraft.

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