How to Use Minecraft Structure Finder?

Minecraft is an open-world game, filled with tons of structures to find and explore. It is always great to explore each structure manually. But that is not always the case as a lot of players are more interested in custom-building their specific areas. That is why, they prefer using tools like structure finders to make their search easy for certain resources.

So, in this blog, we are exploring the usage of Minecraft structure finder.

How to Use Minecraft Structure Finder?

To use a structure finder, we need to find the seed of our Minecraft world. Here is how you can find it.

Finding Minecraft World Seed in Java

Finding a seed in Java is quite a simple process. Just type /seed in the command window and press enter to get your world’s seed.

You can also click on the seed number to copy it.

Finding Minecraft World Seed in Bedrock Edition

In the Bedrock Edition, you can find the Minecraft World Seed using the following steps:

Step 1: Open the game and select Play.

Step 2: Select the Edit button, right in front of your Minecraft world.

Step 3: Select Game from the Settings menu and scroll down to Seed; you can copy it from here.

Step 4: If you are playing a game, enter the pause screen and select Settings from the menu.

Step 5: Here you can copy the Seed from the Game menu of Settings.

Using Structure Finder

Structure finder is a software used to locate all the structures of a Minecraft Seed, alongside its terrain and biome generation. The most widely used structure finder right now is ChunkBase. It is widely used by players to find woodland mansions, ancient cities, spawners, and other rare structures.

To use it, visit the official website of ChunkBase.

Now enter the seed you copied from your game. Then, select the version and dimension to watch the magic happen.

You can see it will generate the map with all the details of the location of structures, which you can customize by selecting the ones you want from the Features option.

You can even customize further with the options available below the map like Highlight Biomes and Biome Height.

Here is a preview of my testing world seed in Java Edition.

We can easily verify it, here is the location of the pillager outpost at X: 1104 and Z: 688 on the map, located by ChunkBase.

There is an actual pillager outpost at a snowy biome located at the same location.

In this way without even using cheats or commands, you can easily locate every structure in your Minecraft world.


Minecraft structure finder is a type of software that allows the users to enter their seed in that software and it can generate the whole map of the seed. Players can also locate different structures using the features of this software. It works as a whole seed map with every location mentioned on it so that players can reach that location to get all the resources without using commands or cheats in Minecraft.

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