How to Get Mega Spruce Trees and Multiply Your Wood Supply in Minecraft

In Minecraft, wood is known to be the most useful resource. It is used to craft tons of items and also works as a source of fuel in the game. There is a huge variety of trees found in a Minecraft world. Mega Spruce is one of the most common and excessively used wood types (after oak wood) in Minecraft. Mega Spruce is a type of Spruce tree, which is 4 blocks thick and is quite taller than the regular trees, making it a perfect source of Spruce wood out there.

This article will signify the ways to get Mega Spruce trees in your Minecraft world.

How To Get Mega Spruce Trees & Multiply Your Wood Supply

Spruce trees can be found in biomes such as Taiga, old-growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Snow Taiga, Spruce Forest and occasionally on extreme hills. These trees come in all different sizes and shapes.

To get Mega Spruce trees in Minecraft, there are two main ways:

1: Visit the Mega Spruce Biomes to Get Mega Spruce

Visiting the Mega Spruce biome is the simplest way to obtain Mega Spruce trees in Minecraft. The idea is to visit either the Old-Growth Pine Taiga or the Old-Growth Spruce Taiga as shown below.

The trees with the taller trunks are found in the Old-Growth Pine Taiga biome while the trees with more leaves and Christmas tree shape are found in the Old-Growth Spruce Taiga biome. The main highlight of this biome is the Podzol on which these Mega Spruce trees grow. These biomes are found near other Jungle or Taiga biomes in Minecraft.

2: Growing Mega Spruce Using Spruce Saplings

If you don’t want to hustle much just to find the Mega Spruce trees, here is an easy way to get these beautiful trees.

Step 1: Visit any nearby biome where Spruce grows.

Step 2: Punch or use an axe on any Spruce tree to collect all its logs while leaving the leaves floating.

Step 3: Now wait for the Spruce saplings to fall while these leaves block disappearing.

Step 4: Now collect at least 4 of them and find any clear space with grass/dirt.

Step 5: Plant 4 Spruce saplings in a 2×2 place and wait for them to grow or just bonemeal all 4.

Step 6: Eventually, it will grow as a whole Mega Spruce tree, with Podzol blocks on the ground around it.

So, these are the ways to get those Mega Spruce trees in Minecraft.

Uses of Mega Spruce Trees

Mega Spruce trees are essentially regular Spruce trees, with thick trunks and more height. This makes them a valuable and quick source of Spruce logs, which can be crafted into Spruce planks, doors, trapdoors, fences and many other items. Growing them also generates Podzol, making it a good way to get loads of Podzol blocks in no time.


Can I Find Azalea Tree in Taiga Biome?
Ans: Yes, it can be found anywhere in the overworld, representing lush caves underneath.

Can I Grow 2×2 Cheery Trees?
Ans: No, it is not possible.

Can I Get Saplings from Burring Spruce Trees?
Ans: No, but the leaves will drop saplings if they do not catch fire and are disconnected from their main tree.


Mega Spruce trees are one of the few tall trees found in Minecraft other than dark oak and jungle trees. Spruce being an extremely useful wood type in the game, the Mega version of this tree can be a great way to farm a lot of Spruce logs. Players can either find them in the Old Growth Pine/Spruce Taiga biome or can collect their saplings from the regular biome. Place them in 2×2 blocks to make them grow anywhere. In fact, it is easy to obtain this wood in Minecraft in just a few quick and easy steps, as mentioned in the above guidelines.

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