How to make an Aquarium in Minecraft?

In the real-world aquariums are used to keep the aquatic organisms alive at any place other than oceans or rivers. You can have an aquarium at your house to add the beauty in your houses because mostly aquariums are used for decoration purposes. Same is the case in Minecraft world, you can craft an aquarium to place it in your house or anywhere you want. This article guides you on how to craft a simple aquarium.

Material Required to Make an Aquarium

To craft a simple aquarium, you will need the materials as follows:

You can also add more items for the beauty purposes but this is a basic aquarium so you can get an idea how to craft it.

Sand Block

To craft the base of the aquarium you will need sand blocks. You can have as many sand blocks as you need to make the base; it depends upon the dimensions of the aquarium.

You can get sand blocks from anywhere in the world using shovels because sand is present at beaches near ocean biomes, within the plains or other biomes near water also you can get it from underwater.

Glass block

After making the base for the aquarium you have to make the boundary wall. You have to use glass blocks to make the wall so that the fishes can be seen through the wall. You can get glass blocks by using sand and fuel.

Spruce Trapdoor

You will need to make the boundary of the sand. For this purpose, you can use spruce trapdoors. To make a spruce trapdoor you will need to place 6x spruce wood planks in the 3×3 crafting grid.


As you have to put water in the aquarium so you would need a bucket for this purpose. You can craft a bucket by using iron ingots.


At last, when you have finished building the aquarium you have to put fishes in it. To get fish you can go fishing. You can go to any ocean or water resource near you and catch the fish using a fishing rod and put them in the bucket.

How to make an Aquarium

Once you have gathered all the necessary material to craft the aquarium you can just start crafting it by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Take the spruce trapdoor and click right to place it on the ground to make a boundary for sand bed:

Step 2: Take sand blocks to fill up the space made for sand bed for the aquarium:

Step 3: Now build a boundary wall using glass blocks as high as you want to keep it. In this guide I have made two blocks high walls so that I can fill water in the aquarium:

Step 4: Take your bucket right click to fill it with water from the nearby source:

Step 5: Now take the filled bucket and right click in the aquarium to fill it with water. You can add water as much as you want unless it does not come out of the glass wall:

Step 6: You can see that the aquarium has been completed and you can now add fishes in it:

Step 7: You can add Fire coral for the decoration of the aquarium:

Step 8: Add the sea grass to make the aquarium look like a natural habitat for the fishes:

Step 9: Add Black terracotta for the decoration:

Step 10: Add Horn coral to add more colours to the aquarium:

Step 11: To add fish to the aquarium, take your fishing rod and go fishing and add into the bucket:

Step 12: Now take your bucket filled with fish and right click to put them into the water. You can see the fishes are now in the aquarium:

This is how an aquarium looks after completion:


In the Minecraft world you can use different things for decoration purposes which add to the beauty of the dull places or houses. Aquarium is also one of them. You can craft an aquarium in just a few steps following the guide explained above.

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