How to Make a Glass in Minecraft

Glass is one of the many building blocks available in Minecraft that can also be used for a decoration purpose. Compared to others it is transparent and you can easily see through it, also you can use it to craft other materials as well such a glass bottle. If you don’t like its transparency and want to make it more colorful, then you can also do that by using a dye.

Materials Required to Make a Glass

The only single item that you require to make a glass is sand which you can find abundant near rivers or water sources. You will also require a fuel source that will be used for smelting process inside a furnace:

There are a variety of fuel sources available in the game such as wooden logs or wooden planks, sticks. Other than that, you can also use coal as well. So, it is up to you whatever fuel source you can find and want to use but, in our opinion, wooden logs are the one of the easiest one available. All you need to do is to cut trees using an axe and wooden logs will be ready for you.

Making a Glass

Now the last item that is required to make a glass is a furnace. You can make one use 8 cobblestones in a crafting table as displayed below.

Place it on the ground, put the fuel source at the bottom, and sand blocks at the top to get the glass blocks.

Glass can be used in a variety of ways as you can use them as a building block or it can also be used to craft other materials as well which are mentioned below.

How to make a glass bottle in Minecraft

You can make a glass bottle by placing 3 pieces of glass inside a crafting table as explained below.

How to make a stained glass in Minecraft

When you apply any color on the transparent glass then it will be called stained glass. To do that, you need a dye of any color of your choice and 8 pieces of glass. For example, if you want to make a red stained glass then you need a red colored dye.


Glass is a transparent material available in Minecraft that can not only be used as a decorative material, but you can also use it for construction of a variety of buildings. It can easily be crafted by smelting blocks of sand that you can easily find in different biomes. Other than that you can use it to craft other materials such as glass bottles and you also can change its color by using a dye of your choice.

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