How to make a bucket in Minecraft

A bucket is such a handy tool available in Minecraft in which you can store liquid material and carry them with you. You can store water, lava, fish with water, and milk inside it and can use it later for a variety of different purposes. For example, you can place milk inside it to make a cake that is the essential item to make a cake or you can mix water with lava to make an obsidian stone that is essential to make an ether portal and many other things can also be made with this. So, now the question is how you can make one? Of course after reading this article and following the detailed instructions carefully.

Materials Required to Make a Bucket

You can make a bucket by placing 3 iron ingots inside a crafting table.

Crafting Iron Ingots

There are two main items required to make iron ingots. The first one is iron ore and the second one is the furnace. You can find iron ore blocks inside a cave, mountains, or dungeons and extract them using a pickaxe.

After collecting the iron ingots, the next step is to place them inside a furnace along with any fuel that you can get. This will provide you with iron ingots followed by the process of smelting.

If you are now confused and looking for an answer as to how you can get a furnace, then don’t worry it is also very easy to make. All you need to do is to place 8 cobblestones inside a crafting table to make one.

In the same image shown above the blocks surrounded by the iron ore are the cobblestone blocks and you can also extract them in the same way that you did for the iron ore by using a pickaxe.

Now, the last thing remaining is a fuel source and you can use wooden logs here which is one of the easiest ones to gather in the game. You need to find a place with trees then cut them by hand or an axe to get the wooden logs.

After that, place the furnace on the ground, click on it, place wooden logs at the bottom and then place iron ore at the top. After that, you will see the smelting process that is used to make the iron ingots as displayed below.

Crafting a Bucket

Now place 3 iron ingots inside a crafting table to make a bucket.

How to Use a Bucket

You can fill it with water, all you need to do is to find any water source and click on it while equipping and then you will see the blue shade color inside a bucket that will show you that it is now filled with water.

These filled buckets are very useful especially for making farms such as a cobblestone farm. The main benefit of filling a bucket is for transporting to a place where these sources are not available.


A bucket is a very useful item in Minecraft since it allows you to store liquid materials such as water and lava in it. Later you can place them in your inventory and can transport them as well with you. It is one of the essential items that is used in making a variety of different farms such as wheat and cobblestones.

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