How to Make Trapdoors in Minecraft

Trapdoor is one of the many blocks available in Minecraft that can be used for multiple purposes. It has a mechanism that allows you to open or close it so you can use it to make a pathway for hidden underground places.

Another important aspect is that mobs can’t break it so you can use it at the entrance of your buildings or you can protect your precious treasures as well by putting them around it. You can mostly find them in a villager biome where they use it around the house windows and can also craft it which is not a difficult thing to do.

Materials Required to Make a Trapdoor

There are total 9 different trap doors available, 8 of them can be made by placing 6 of any wooden planks in a crafting table and the last one is the iron trapdoor that can be made using 4 iron ingots.

Crafting wooden planks

The first item that you need is the wooden logs and for that you need to find trees and then need to cut them as well.

The tree that you can see in the image is the Oak tree which means that we are going to show you how you can make an Oak trapdoor. One oak log will give you 4 oak planks and as you need 6 oak planks, so you need to repeat this step twice.

Now place 6 planks in a crafting table to get 2 pieces of trapdoors.

Now, let’s take another example and make a different wooden trapdoor such as a birch trapdoor. For that, you need to find a birch tree and cut them just like you did with an oak tree to gather birch logs.

After that place them again on a crafting table as you did before to make birch planks.

Placing 6 birch wooden planks will give you 2 pieces of birch trapdoor.

You can also make iron trapdoors for which you need to place 4 iron ingots in a crafting table that you can get by smelting iron ore in a furnace.

Now place 4 iron ingots on a crafting to get one piece of iron trapdoor.


The trapdoor is one of the numerous blocks in Minecraft that can either be used as a decorative or as a building material. It contains a mechanism that allows it to open and close, allowing you to utilize it to create a passage to a secret underground location. You can use it to protect your valuable treasure against the mobs as they are not able to break it. You’ll primarily find them in a villager biome, where they’re used to decorate home windows. You can also create them, which isn’t tough.

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