How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

As the name suggests, a fishing rod is used to catch fish in the Minecraft game. You can use fish as a food source to recover your food and hunger level or you can use it to build your trust level with the dolphin that can show you the pathway for buried treasure underwater having valuable resources. Other than that you can also use it to trade emeralds with the villagers.

Materials required to make a fishing rod

You need 2 pieces of string and 3 pieces of stick to make a fishing rod. Other than that, you need a crafting table as well in which you need to place these items.

Getting strings

There is no way to craft strings in Minecraft, but you can get this item by killing spiders. Spiders are usually spawned in the caves where there is a limited or no light source available. Other than that, you can wait for the night time where you can find them on the ground as well. So, after finding them you need to kill them. That will give you 2 pieces of strings as shown.

Making sticks

Crafting sticks is a straightforward method to do as the first thing that you need to make them is a wooden log. You can get this item by cutting trees using an axe or you can do that using your hands as well, but it will be a lengthy process.

Now collect at least 1 wooden log and place it on a crafting table to get 4 wooden planks that can be seen below.

Now again place 2 planks in a crafting table to get 4 pieces of sticks.

Making a Fishing Rod

Now place 3 sticks and 2 strings in an arrangement displayed below to make a fishing rod.

How to Use a Fishing Rod

You can use a  fishing rod by equipping it first and then clicking on any water source by going closer to it.

It will take some time to catch a fish and then you need to click again to reel the fish towards yourself.

If you are not able to catch a fish from the shore of the river then you can also ride a boat as well and travel to a place where you can find more fish.


You can capture a variety of fish in a Minecraft game using a fishing rod that can not only be used to satisfy your food and hunger level, but you can also find some valuable items underwater by throwing them towards the dolphins or trading emeralds with the villager.

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