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What Can I Do with My Raspberry Pi 3?

There are a million ways to use Raspberry Pi 3 for different applications or projects as it is just like a computer. Although it is not a very powerful device as compared to the Pi 4, it can still be used for various projects. Moreover, for the people who want to get along with programming, especially Python and to learn how to use a Linux based system then the Raspberry Pi 3 is the best choice for them. So, if you are looking for types of interesting projects or devices that you can create using Raspberry Pi 3 and use them in your daily life then read this guide.

3 Best Domains for Raspberry Pi 3

Although there is a long list of the things one can do with the Raspberry Pi 3, to cut it short or to gather only the interesting ones that can intrigue most of the people can take up some time. So, below is the list of 3 best projects domains that one can touch using the raspberry Pi 3:

  • Servers
  • Security Systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Smart home systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Retro gaming system


One of the best uses of Raspberry Pi 3 is creating different types of servers which include a NAS file server which can be beneficial for the people who need to transfer large numbers of files daily as this can make the transfer of heavy files at quite a faster rate. This is a very cost-effective solution because buying a NAS file server from the market can cost you a lot more bucks and you can make a useful use of the Pi 3.

If you are a regular player of Minecraft, then you might be familiar with the Minecraft server then you can create one using Raspberry pi 3 for free. This way you can alter everything in the game like choosing the difficulty level, number of players and much more.

If you are looking for a printer that supports wireless technology and cannot find one at a reasonable price so don’t worry you can create one by using the Raspberry Pi 3. For this you will need the Common Unix Printing System and using Samba you can connect the Pi 3 with your computer.

Security Systems

Another domain that you can look for making real time projects or devices is about the security system which can include a video doorbell along with the intercom as well. To make your home more secure to make a face detection camera that can recognize the person that is on the door. You can also create a motion detection system that can detect any trespassers entering the premises of a building or a house.

Monitoring Systems

There are a wide range of monitoring systems that can be made using the Raspberry Pi 3 like creating a weather system that will update you about the weather so that you can be prepared while going out. To create a weather monitoring system, you will be requiring multiple sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor, solar radiation measuring sensor and wind speed sensor. These sensors are then needed to be integrated with Raspberry Pi 3 and after that you need a monitor to display all the data.

You can also create a network monitoring system which will tell you about all the data used, number of devices connected with it and some other stuff which can be very beneficial especially for offices or small cafes where influx of people is higher.

Smart Home Systems

To make everything automated or in other words every appliance in the home is just one click away then Raspberry Pi 3 can be a good use to you. Since it is a computer that can perform all the functions a regular size computer does, it can be a best choice if you are creating a smart home management system.

You can turn the Ac off, you can water the plants, everything you name it, though this project can test your skills about programming and circuits, but it can be fun and this way you can use the Pi 3 that is eating dust. I bet you can make this smart home system a lot cheaper than those available in the market.

Robotic Systems

If you are very keen about making robots, then this is your chance as you can make robots using the Raspberry Pi 3. One of the most popular these days is the robotic arm as in many industries robotic arms are being used to manufacture different goods like in car manufacturing industries such robotic arms are being used to paint the cars.

You can also create a full-size robot which might be a test for your programming skills as it will require a lot of programming to function properly. As you know that Raspberry Pi 3 is a computer so it can handle several servo motors very well.

Retro Gaming System

Raspberry Pi 3 provides an opportunity to play retro games and for that you must download RetroPie by clicking on this link. How to install it on Raspberry Pi 3 read – Install RetroPie on Raspberry Pi. RetroPie is an emulator that is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi, which provides a platform for playing numerous games. All you need is to download the “Rom” of the game you want to play and open the file in the RetroPie emulator, and you are good to go.


If you are looking to enhance your skills related to programming and circuit designing, then start working on creating real life projects using Raspberry Pi 3. There are millions of projects that you can try but not all will appeal to you so try looking in domains like Servers, Security Systems, Monitoring systems, Smart home systems, Robotic systems, and Retro gaming systems.

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