How to Use Different Font in GIMP

GIMP is such a software that you can use your photo editing and your art skills without paper and pen and color, and you can also use your art skills on that. It is effortless to use different fonts in it, but many people get confused about it.

Although there are many websites for this, the one we trust is Google Fonts. By going to Google Fonts, we can select the font of our choice or search these fonts by using the filter option. If we like the font, we have to select and download it.

Now, a question arises on how to use different fonts in GIMP or install a new font easily. So don’t worry, as we will give a thorough explanation to use different fonts in GIMP.

How to Use Different Font in GIMP

Now we will explain two ways to use different fonts in GIMP:

How to Install and Use a Single Font in GIMP

  • First, extract the downloaded zip file.
  • The extracted folder will contain a single file or multiple files. You can go for any font you want to install and use in GIMP.
  • After opening, the option of install comes at the top of this file, and install it.
  • Once you install it, you will get that font in the font list of GIMP.

How to Install and Use all Fonts together in GIMP

  • First, extract the file downloaded from Google fonts.
  • After that, open the GIMP and go to the edit then select preference.
  • The Preferences window will open, in which there will be an option of folders at the bottom, so click and then select the fonts folder in it.
  • Some files will appear inside the font folder, and there will be a green dot before the file location, which identifies that it’s connected.
  • After this, open the selected file directly by going to an option next to its location, which will open a new window of that folder.
  • Now go to the extracted file, copy all the fonts selected there.
  • After copying, open the font folder in GIMP, and you will see that all of the fonts will appear in GIMP.
  • To confirm this, go to GIMP by exiting the GIMP sub-window.
  • Now, go to the window option in GIMP and go to the dialogues.
  • After going to the font, you will see that new fonts have been installed.


So, this is how you can download, install and use different fonts in GIMP through different methods. We hope that you got the appropriate information to use fonts in GIMP without having any trouble. In case you liked this guide, then make sure you visit the LinuxHint website to learn more about GIMP.

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