Top 10 Popular Websites Built using JavaScript – Examples

Popularity of JavaScript is increasing day by day with it’s usage for building websites, mobile applications, web based games and server side applications. It’s a client side scripting language but with the introduction of NodeJs, it’s now possible to handle server side as well.

JavaScript is evolving everyday, making it’s way more into the tech world by introducing various frameworks, which makes the life of developers easy. Many websites which are popularly known are built around JavaScript which shows how important and useful the language is. In this write-up, you will have the top 10 popular websites built using JavaScript.


The most popular search engine that we all use on daily bases and that makes our life easier, has used JavaScript for building not only its front-end but backend as well. Google plays a huge role in everyone’s lives, and the very common phrase “Just Google it” is on our tip of tongue whenever someone asks us a question.

Google uses various tools of JavaScript such as Closure tools in Google Docs, but the developers of Google also create its own open-source JavaScript tools such as AngularJs. Moreover, The popular Google browser Chrome uses JavaScript engine V8, which was created by Google, and it also plays a major part in NodeJs, so we can say without Google there would be no Node.


Another popular website built around JavaScript that is used by billions of users everyday is Youtube which helps people to watch, share, record and upload videos. Everyday we see various well known people start off their journeys from Youtube platform, through which they change people’s perspective regarding ways of earning.

Youtube has become a career-path for a huge audience and people don’t see it as an application to watch videos, but rather they’re using it for creating content and sharing with their audience. Now if you want a video for educational purposes or cooking related or anything you can think of, a video would be available for it on Youtube.


The largest website that has changed E-commerce for the world is Amazon which uses JavaScript along with other programming languages. It’s an online ecommerce website that is being used worldwide for buying and selling stuff. They’ve categories for everything, from electronics to household, anything that you can think of will be available on the website.

Moreover the website uses frameworks of JavaScript such as React and Angular which are popularly being used by developers around the world.


The world’s most popular and well recognized encyclopedia on the internet is Wikipedia that uses JavaScript along with other languages. We’ve all used Wikipedia for various educational purposes along with other stuff, as it provides us with a detailed description of the topic that we searched.

Wikipedia uses a simple layout without any ads and it’s free of cost. You can search anything and it will provide you with the best detailed results.


One of the most popular social media websites which we all are familiar with is Facebook that is built around JavaScript along with other languages. The importance of JavaScript in Facebook can be understood by the fact that if you disable JavaScript from your browser and try to log in into Facebook, it wont let you in into your account.

Furthermore, Facebook created React which is a popular framework of JavaScript and applications like Instagram and Whatsapp are built using this framework.


Twitter is a popular social media site which is not only used by commoners but by the politicians as well. It also uses JavaScript. This website allows users to share their opinion and mostly people use it to be updated about events happening around the world.

Its fast moving feed, the sharing of news within seconds and how it allows users to stay connected with the world is the reason for its popularity.


The website that has changed the way we see entertainment is also built around JavaScript. Netflix is being used worldwide for streaming movies, TV shows and even became a platform for content creation. The website uses a distributed approach that divides the interface into individual services and hence speeds up the server. A huge portion of the website is running on NodeJs, which is a runtime environment of JavaScript.


The most popular online payment giant that is available worldwide is Paypal that not only uses JavaScript for its front-end but also uses NodeJs. The website allows users to pay, send and receive the money online without any security issues.

They’ve also created KrakenJs which is their version of Express that simply shows how important the role of JavaScript is for the website.


The popular worldwide taxi service that has changed the way of traveling within the city is Uber which is built around JavaScript. They’ve various requests coming within seconds, and they need to keep track of each customer’s data, the location of drivers and need to match the request with drivers as fast as possible.

All of this data handling is done through NodeJs because of its asynchronous capabilities and has become the center of user facing stack for Uber.


The popular social network for professionals is LinkedIn where users create their profiles for finding jobs and hiring skilled people. The website uses JavaScript along with other languages, and makes the interaction of users with others easy.

It uses NodeJs for its mobile application which makes the data sharing, and building API easier for the developers and its asynchronous capabilities allows better performance while using lesser resources.


JavaScript has become the core of various popular websites along with its frameworks that are being widely used. In this article we discussed 10 popular websites which are using JavaScript, and creating their own frameworks with it. The popularity of JavaScript is increasing day by day as it’s making the server secure through its frameworks and providing fast performing websites to its users.

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