How to Tame a Phantom in Minecraft

Phantoms are air hostile mobs in Minecraft, which are pretty fast and look like bats are dark blue mobs. Resembling mini dragons, these phantoms have green eyes. Players usually see these undead mobs flying around the Minecraft world. Phantoms are spawned when the player does not die or sleep for three consecutive days. If players reset or generate their spawn back within three days, Phantoms will not spawn. When the players’ attention is elsewhere, it immediately swoops down on them and attacks.

Phantoms only spawn every two minutes with light levels of seven or less. It is visible only during night thunderstorms or during nighttime. The phantoms are most visible when the player is at the y level of 75. When Phantos comes down, players can defeat him by striking him with a sword or using a bow to knock him down. Minecraft has the added feature of enabling players to tame these phantoms. In this article, we will tell you how to tame a phantom in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Phantom in Minecraft

There is a new feature in Minecraft regarding Phantos. The “Phantom Plus add-on” is downloadable. Through this, players can ride it by putting it in the game and controlling it can take it in which direction they want. Since phantoms are a hostile mob and will try to kill the player first, the game has to be set to creative mode before the player tries to tame a phantom.

Some versions of Minecraft do not include tame phantoms, as they are not designed to be tamed. It is now possible to tame phantoms with the aid of some methods.

Tame a Phantom in Survival Mode

With the help of Phantom + addon, you can tame phantoms. For this, first, you have to download its add-on version. For this, you have to follow some steps.

Installing Phantom+ Addon

  • First, you must visit Mcpedl’s website and download the Phantom+ Addon.
  • After completing the download, you must apply the Phantom+ Addon in a Minecraft World.
  • At last, create the world.

After successfully installing the phantom+ addon, you can now start taming Phantom.

As we previously described above, you should tame the phantoms in creative mode itself. Our job is only to give you the best knowledge, and in the end, it will be your call to tame the Phantom in survival mode or creative mode.

You don’t have to do much anymore after installing the Phantom+ addon to tame phantoms. After that, you have to jump behind the Phantom, and after that, you can ride on them.

While riding the Phantom, you have to keep in mind that you cannot control the speed of the Phantom and how low and high it has to fly. As a result, you will face challenges along the way.

Taming Phantom in Creative Mode

Players can also tame a phantom in the creative mode and to tame a phantom in this mode is quite easy compared to the survival mode. By using the phantom egg inventory or using the summon command, players can easily tame the Phantom in the creative mode of Minecraft. There is no need to wait for three days to spawn the Phantom in the Minecraft world like survival mode.

Summon a Phantom by Using Summon

  • First, you need to access the command box and start the command forward-slash(/).
  • After opening the command box, just input ‘summon’ followed by a space then ‘Minecraft: phantom.’ The command will look like this:
/summon minecraft:phantom
  • Now you can press the enter key to summon the Phantom.

Summon a Phantom by Using Phantom Spawn Egg

  • Firstly, search for the Phantom Spawn Egg in the inventory section.
  • After searching for Phantom, move that phantom egg to the Hotbar.
  • The Phantom can be summoned by equipping the phantom egg and pressing the action button.


Phantoms in Minecraft are a mob that isn’t designed to be tame. For this reason, only some versions of Minecraft allow phantoms to be tamed. In this article, we explained that it is easier to tame phantoms in the creative mode than in survival mode. In this article, we have made you aware that you can tame phantoms in survival and creative modes. After reading this article, we hope that you will understand well how to tame phantoms in Minecraft. Apart from this, if you want to get any information related to this article, you can contact us freely.

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