How to See Chunk Borders in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world you are always on something like mining, building, and searching so you must have something which can help you to approximate the distances. For this purpose, Minecraft has a feature for you called chunk borders and this article explains all about how you can see and use the chunk borders in the game.

Chunk Borders

In Minecraft world you can see the 16×16 block borders called chunk borders in square shape and tall enough touching the sky blocks. You can use these chunk borders to get an idea of the area around you in terms of measurements and chunks helps you to find ores like gold and iron more precisely. Also, when making a house you can use chunk borders to find a better space on the ground.

How to See Chunk Borders

When you know the use of chunk borders in the game now point is how to enable or see them in the game so you can use them where needed.

When you are standing at a chunk of a land and want to see the chunk borders just press F3 + G keys at the same time:

Right after pressing the F3 + G keys, you can see the chunk borders around you in the area you are standing in:

If you move a little above the ground you can clearly see what is the exact size of the chunk you were standing in:


In the Minecraft world chunk borders are the same as a grid and they are used to measure an area of ground and most of the time they can help you to find out the ores by precising the area where ores can be present. You can see the chunk bars by following the method mentioned above in the guide.

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