Where are the secret rooms in Minecraft Woodland Mansions

In the Minecraft world your journey includes different biomes and regions which you explore. Sometimes you find buildings which are rare but they have so much to offer you. In dark forest biomes you can find a woodland mansion with a lot of rooms and in these rooms, you can find treasures.

Woodland Mansions

In the Minecraft world when you are in a dark forest you may come across a huge building called woodland mansions. This mansion has secret rooms, and you can get a number of valuable items from these rooms because the rooms are full of chests and other valuable items.

Secret Rooms in Minecraft Woodland Mansions

At first you have to find woodland mansions when you are in the dark forest biomes, you may take the help of the map. Once you have found the mansion there are following ways to find out the rooms in the mansions:

Finding Secret Rooms Through Windows

Woodland mansion has glass windows and you can see through these windows inside the mansion to get the idea of the secret rooms:

Finding Secret Rooms by Breaking Rooftop

The easy way to find the secret rooms in the woodland mansion is to break the rooftop and see through it.

You can see all the rooms of the mansion once you break the whole rooftop using any tool:

Going Inside Through the Door

You can go inside the mansion through its door and explore it by going into each room:

What You can Find in Secret Rooms

You can find a lot of valuable items from secret rooms of the woodland mansions, like:

and more.


You can find chests in secret rooms of woodland mansions. Chests may contain bone meals, strings, eggs, saddles, fishing rods enchantments and more:


You can also find ladder in secret rooms of woodlands mansions:

Blocks of Lapis Lazuli

You can also find block of lapis lazuli and other unique and rare blocks like diamond blocks in secret rooms of woodlands mansions:

Pumpkins Blocks

You can find pumpkins in secret rooms of woodland mansions:


You can find very well organised libraries in secret rooms of woodlands mansions. These libraries have a proper sitting arrangement for the readers.


In the Minecraft world you can find secret rooms in woodland mansions when you are in dark forest biomes. These rooms can be explored by breaking the rooftop of the mansion or going inside the mansion through the door. These rooms have a lot of hard-to-find items and chests which are full of items.

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