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How to remove snap packages on Manjaro

A Linux enthusiast must be aware of Snap support for Linux. Snap is a package manager that provides a variety of desktop software for Linux-based operating systems that use the Linux kernel. The packages obtained using snap are referred to as snaps. The snap packages can be installed using terminal support of Linux and the Graphical User Interface as well. Just like installation, snaps can be removed from your Linux system by using terminal or graphical interface support.

In this article, we will provide a procedural guide to remove snaps from your Manjaro system.

How to remove snap packages on Manjaro Linux

As mentioned earlier, snaps can be removed by using either a graphical interface or a terminal. We will demonstrate both ways to remove snap packages on your Manjaro Linux.

  • Using terminal
  • Using Graphical User Interface

How to remove snap packages using terminal on Manjaro Linux

This section provides a step-by-step process to remove a snap package from Manjaro Linux using the terminal.

Step 1: Firstly, fire up the terminal and check the list of snaps installed on your Manjaro system by using the following command.

$ sudo snap list

Note: It is recommended to carry out this step as you may not remember the exact name of the package that you are going to remove.

Step 2: Once you have decided to remove any packages, then you can follow the syntax of the command written below:

$ sudo snap remove <package-name>

For instance, in our case, the below-mentioned command will remove zoom-client from our Manjaro system.

$ sudo snap remove zoom-client

Step 3: After successfully executing Step 2, you can verify the removal by checking the list of installed snaps. To do so, run the below-stated command in your Manjaro’s terminal

$ sudo snap list

It can be observed that the “zoom-client” has been removed successfully.

How to remove snaps using Graphical User interface on Manjaro

The graphical user interface is easy to interact with for new users, so they can remove snaps from Manjaro using graphical support. Follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Open the applications tab by clicking on the “Show Applications” icon on the desktop and then navigate to “Add/Remove Software“.

Step 2: After opening the “Add/Remove Software” app, you will find three options on the menu bar. Select “Installed” from them. You will find all the installed packages on your Manjaro system here. These packages belong to all the repositories (official, AUR, or Snap).

To get the packages installed using snap, click on “Snap” available on the left pan of the window.

You will find the list of available snaps here. The image below shows that currently, the Manjaro system has only one snap package installed (VLC).

Step 3: If you want to remove any snap package, click on the trash icon. For example, we will remove “VLC” to demonstrate the process. Click on the trash bin icon placed parallel to the name of “VLC“.

The time you click on it, the system will get ready to remove this package. Now, click on “Apply” to continue the removal process.

The following window contains a list of other packages(if any) that will be removed with “VLC“, click on Apply” to continue.

To proceed further, enter your password and navigate to “Authenticate”.

Once the package is removed successfully, you will observe that the snap packages list has emptied.


The snap store is essential as the official repository of Linux-based distributions does not offer several packages. You can get hundreds of packages using snap. In this article, several methods are described to remove snaps from Manjaro Linux. Manjaro is an Arch-based distribution of Linux that has its own official repository and provides the support of snap packages. A terminal enthusiast can use command line support to remove snaps, whereas you can also remove any snap package using Manjaro’s graphical interface. It is concluded here that an intermediate user of Manjaro can follow the terminal support, and a user who is comfortable with graphical presentation can opt for the GUI of Manjaro to remove snap packages.

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