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How to Install and Use Rapid Miner

Data Science and Big Data Analysis are two of the most highly sought-after career options on the market today. With data quickly becoming one of the world’s most important commodities, the job opportunities available in this space have also increased exponentially. Developers, programmers, and coding teams from all around the world are competing to gain supremacy in this field.

There are many tools and applications which power the world of data analytics; depending on the use case and the kind of work you want to get done; you can choose from a wide range of different tools. One such tool is RapidMiner which enables data analytics and tasks like model creation and data predictions. RapidMiner is a software-as-a-service solution that provides enterprises with the ability to handle, manipulate and analyze data on a large scale.

RapidMiner is an industry-leading tool when it comes to inference generation on data sampled from different sources. It provides built-in tools that help you manipulate, merge and sort data in the most efficient ways possible. The models and algorithms available to you are extremely useful and help power some of the biggest data research on the planet today. This article will help you install and use RapidMiner on your Linux machine and will also discuss how you can make use of this amazing resource.”


Before installing RapidMiner on your Linux machine, there are some prerequisites that this tool needs to be able to run. This step-by-step guide will help you properly install and configure RapidMiner.

Note: You will need Java Runtime Environment version 8 to run this on your Linux machine.

To check if you have JRE on your machine, type the following command into your terminal:

$ java -version

If you have an output like the following, you already have JRE installed:

If you get an output like the above with open jdk 11 or an output that tells you that there is no java environment on your machine, follow the steps listed below to download and install JRE 8 on your Linux machine.

Java Runtime Environment Installation

1. Go to the JRE 8 link and scroll down to the Java SE Runtime Environment. Select the Linux x64 (depending on whether you have a 32 or 64-bit architecture) and download the .tar.gz file.

2. Extract the downloaded file and open the terminal in the extracted folder. Install JRE using the terminal command:

$ sudo apt install

3. An alternative approach to downloading and installing JRE 8 is by running the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

You should see the following output:

Next, you need to switch to the jre-8 version by choosing the JRE 8 selection if you have multiple JREs showing up on your machine:

Now, you need to add the Java Home variable by running the following command in your terminal:

$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64

Finally, you can now check the java version being used by your machine by running the following command in the terminal:

$ java -version

Now that we have Java Runtime Environment 8 installed, we can continue with the RapidMiner installation.

RapidMiner Installation

1. Go to the RapidMiner website and press the Linux download option.

2. After the download completes, extract the downloaded file and open it. When inside, open the terminal and run the following command:

$ ./

An instance of the RapidMiner configuration wizard will open up and will require you to follow along:

3. After accepting the terms, you will be greeted by the main RapidMiner interface. It will require you to sign in to your RapidMiner account, after which you will be able to use RapidMiner.

Why Use RapidMiner

RapidMiner Studio is a platform that allows data science users to thoroughly examine and manipulate data. It provides a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your data mining and AI needs. It is not only able to build and run different statistical and neural models for inference extrapolation on your data, but it also provides the ability to host and deploy the solutions you create.

There are numerous built-in tools and functionalities that you can use when it comes to data preparation. RapidMiner supports building pipelines that automatically clean and prepare the incoming data, run statistical models on that data for better understanding, then build custom AI models to be run on that data as per the results of the statistical models, and finally, be able to visualize the results your pipeline generates. These powerful features make RapidMiner one of the best data science platforms available on the market today.

You can think of RapidMiner as a very clever computer that is able to understand all kinds of data that are being fed to it. It then tells you all of the different patterns and trends in your data that are of significance. After that, it helps you to build models for that data in a visual manner so that you are able to understand all that is happening to your data in real-time.


With such a powerful tool available to the data science world, RapidMiner is quickly becoming the go-to platform for many corporations that need to generate insights from their data quickly. It does not have such a steep learning curve as compared to other tools on the market. It offers intuitive and easy-to-use controls that make your workflow efficient. Its amazing utility can be understood when we look at all of the different corporations that use RapidMiner. It is used by Amnesty International, Dominos Pizza, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, PayPal, Verizon, and many more for all of its data solutions.

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