How to Find User/ Server/ Message ID – Discord

Discord is the most used communication application that is used by gamers. It provides multiple features to the users. One unique feature is that it allows multiple users to share the same Username. However, Discord users, messages, and servers have multiple unique eighteen-digit IDs that can be utilized for various purposes, like while submitting safety reports. If you have been trying to source one of these IDs in Discord, we are here to help you.

What is Discord ID

Discord is a unique system; everything in it has a unique ID. Discord user ID is 18 unique digits code assigned to you when you create your profile, and it cannot be changed. Maintaining a record of Discord ids is preferable because they never change. The Discord ids can be used to search for specific messages, assign permission to specific users, and report someone on the server.

How to Find User/ Server/ Message ID in Discord

To find the ID in Discord, you must follow the below steps:

Step 1: Enable Developer Mode

i: Launch the Discord and click on the gear icon to open Settings:

ii: Next, click on Advanced from the left panel and turn the toggle ON for Developer Mode:

Step 2: Find User/ Server/ Message ID

i: For User ID, right-click on the username of the user for whom you want to get the ID and click on Copy ID:

ii: For Server ID, open the server and right click on the server’s name, and choose Copy ID:

iii: For message id, right click on the message and choose Copy ID:

Step 3: Paste The ID

Once you click on the Copy ID, the ID is copied onto your clipboard. Paste it in your notepad or anywhere for future use:


In Discord, each ID is unique as it helps users to find the message, user, or server easily. If you report someone, they will ask you for the user/server/message ID. Right-click on the server, username, or message, and from there, click on copy ID. It requires only a few simple steps to get the 8-digit unique ID. Once you know the procedure of finding IDs, it is easy to find them later.

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