How to Add Background Color to Text in GIMP?

Are you new to GIMP playing with the texts to make them catchy by adding a striking background?

GIMP is an excellent feature-packed image editing program that lets you make minor tweaks on images to an advanced level of illustration as it has almost all the bells of photoshop. It offers you a broader range of tools, moreover, very easy-to-use software so that even a newbie can work comfortably.

Thanks to its easy-to-use UI and plethora of plugins, tools, and programs, you can conveniently draft eye-catching designs. In this tutorial, we will explain how to add background color to text in gimp without having any trouble.

Texts with tempting backgrounds tend to look more eye-catching, providing more value to the text written over them. So here, we will show you how you can add a colored background to push the text to the spotlight, assuming you have drafted text on a transparent background.

Step 1: Add a Background to the Text

The first step is to create a new blank image file that you can do by navigating to File >> New and make adjustments according to you and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Type the Text

Please type the text and customize it before adding the color to its background. Click on the text tool to activate typing on a blank image canvas.

Step 3: Make a New Layer

To fill color in the background of the text, you need to create a new layer behind the text layer.

Step 4: Draw Rectangular or Square Boxes

Now, look for the rectangle tool in the tools menu to draw a rectangular box around the text with the help of a mouse. Drag the mouse to increase the size and adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Fill the Color

As you know, we can set the color in the background using the bucket, but it will color the entire area in the selected layer. Therefore, we will make a rectangle selection to select the area behind the text to color.

Click on the rectangle selection tool to select the area in the active layer. A dotted rectangular line will appear on the current layer. Upon adjusting the selection that fits the size of the text, select the color tool and fill the background and foreground color respectively in the specified area by using CTRL-, or CTRL-.

Once you are satisfied with the selection and background area, press CTRL+Z to clear the selection. This way, you can fill the desired color behind your text by drawing a rectangular or square box on the new layer behind the text layer.


So, this is how you can easily add background color to text in GIMP, and you can use the above procedure to give a new style to your text.

The bucket tool is used to fill the color in the background and foreground both in the selected area. We have used “Rectangular select” as we are not supposed to fill the color in the entire area of the background layer.

With the rectangular selection, we have specified the area inside the background to fill the color, which will be a colored background for your text. Hold the mouse to draw a rectangle selection behind the text.

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