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What Programming Language Does Raspberry Pi Use?

Raspberry Pi device is a tiny circuit board which is performing many wonders with each coming day. From turning your room lights on and off to controlling your everyday task with ease, the device has become your daily life partner. But how do all these things happen with that much ease? How can someone manage to control all those things? Well, computers do need some commands to perform a specific task and for that various programming languages are used. If you are unaware which programming language makes things happen on Raspberry Pi, you should follow this article which will tell you about the language which Raspberry Pi uses to perform all its tasks with ease.

What Programming Language does Raspberry Pi use?

The Raspberry Pi device mostly uses the Raspberry Pi OS and here you will learn about the programming language which Raspberry Pi uses.

The Raspberry Pi OS is built on Linux which mostly uses the Python language to perform different activities. The Raspberry Pi foundation also includes Python as their main programming language because of its versatility and easy-to-use syntax. The language is very popular among a large number of tech enthusiasts who use it in many Artificial Intelligence related projects in different sectors. The reason is you will find different Python frameworks, libraries and tools that will help you to get started on your coding journey.

All the packages which you download on Raspberry Pi terminal are mostly written in Python language so it’s fair to say that this language is the soul of the Raspberry Pi. If you accidentally remove the Python package from the Raspberry Pi, you won’t be able to use the terminal again as it’s built on a Python module which requires the installation of the OS from scratch again. Also you will need to use the latest python version on your Raspberry Pi device so that it will help you in downloading the latest python packages. To check the python version on your Raspberry Pi device, you will need to run the following script.

$ python3 –version

For those who recently purchased the Raspberry device, the Python language would be an ideal option to learn and develop different web-based applications. Not only that, the Raspberry Pi OS includes different pre-installed Python IDEs that will let you easily write and run different codes written in Python language. If you are a beginner and want to start using the Python language on your Raspberry Pi, you can get help from our published article.

Besides that, Raspberry Pi also supports other languages including C, C++, Fortran, Java and many more. There are dedicated IDEs also available on Raspberry Pi for coding. Many program languages can easily be compiled in the Raspberry Pi terminal as well simply by installing the respective compiler, for example C, C++ and Java.


The Raspberry Pi device is a useful little computer which you can use to build different projects and control multiple electronic devices on the go. To utilize the device for different projects, you should need a Raspberry Pi OS which primarily uses the Python programming language that will let you install different packages and programs on the Raspberry Pi with ease. Also, the language will be a useful asset to help you in developing different AI-related projects and applications.

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