How to Restart Postfix in CentOS 8

Postfix is a freely available mail transfer agent that works for most Linux systems. Sometimes, when working on a Linux system, you may need to restart the services of Postfix due to any issues that may arise. In this case, you must know how to start, stop, or restart the Postfix mail server on your Linux system through the terminal. Using the commands listed in this article, you can control the Postfix mail server operations and perform health checks and maintenance tasks.

This article will show you how to start, stop, or restart the Postfix services in the CentOS 8 OS distribution using the command line. All the commands listed in this article were performed on a CentOS 8 server.

Restart Services of the Postfix Mail Server

Using the following commands, you can start, stop, or restart the Postfix mail system. To execute all the following commands, you will need to log in as a superuser, which means that you must be logged in as the root user for your system. First, open the terminal window. To do this, click on ‘Activities,’ located in the left corner of your CentOS 8 system. Then, select the Terminal from the left sidebar tray.

Start Postfix Mail System

Once you are logged in as the root user, run the following command to start the Postfix mail system:

# postfix start

Check the service running status using the following command:

# systemctl status postfix

You will see the following output in the terminal:

Stop Postfix Services

To stop or inactivate the Postfix mail services, type the following command in the terminal:

# postfix stop

As you can see in the below output, the Postfix services have been stopped.

Restart Postfix Mail Server

To restart the Postfix mail system again, run the following command in the terminal:

# systemctl restart postfix

The following output will be shown:

Reload Postfix

To reload all the Postfix configuration files, use the following command:

# postfix reload

The above command will refresh all configuration files in the Postfix mail system.

Postfix Commands for CentOS 8 Distribution

In this section, we will discuss some more commands that will help you to control the Postfix mail system. These will perform the same operation as starting, stopping, or restarting the Postfix services. But the following commands are specifically used in the CentOS 8 distribution.

Start Postfix

By executing the following command, you will see the below output on the terminal, showing that the Postfix service is running:

$ sudo /sbin/service postfix start

You will the following output after entering this command:

Stop Postfix

Using the below command, you can stop Postfix mail services:

$ sudo /sbin/service postfix stop

The following output will display on the terminal:

Restart Postfix

To restart Postfix, use the following command:

$ sudo /sbin/service postfix restart


This article explored some of the different commands you can use to control Postfix services. You also learned some ways to test the Postfix mail system services. Using all the above commands, you can check the running status of Postfix on your system, as well. I hope this article will help you in your future use of the Postfix mail server.

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