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How to Install the Pi-Apps on the Raspberry Pi Operating System

The new users on the Raspberry Pi operating system find it difficult to install the applications through the terminal (CLI), so for them, there is a GUI based application or better to say an application store from where they can install the applications. This Pi-Apps store contains a variety of applications of different categories, moreover, these categories are displayed separately which makes it easy for the Raspberry Pi users to find the application and install it.

In this write-up, we will install the Pi-Apps on the Raspberry Pi 4 and learn the way by which different applications can be installed from it.

How to install Pi-Apps on the Raspberry Pi operating system

To install the Pi-Apps on the Raspberry Pi operating system, we will use the apt package manager using the command:

$ wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Botspot/pi-apps/master/install | bash

It will take some time:

To launch the Pi-Apps through the terminal of the Raspberry Pi, we will run the command:

$ pi-apps

A GUI of the Pi-Apps will be opened displaying different categories like Appearance, Editors, and Games which will further contain the packages or applications of the respected category. For better understanding, we will go to the “Internet” category and install the “Microsoft Teams”:

In the “Internet” category, we can search the “Microsoft Teams” by scrolling down the list:

Click on the “Microsoft Teams” and then click on the “Install” button below:

The downloading and installing of the “Microsoft Teams” will be started:

A notification will appear on the completion of the installation of the “Microsoft Teams”:

To check the status of the “Microsoft Teams”, find it, a green color tick has been present with its name which is showing that it has been installed successfully:

When you click on the “i” icon next to “Uninstall”, it will display the information and status of the “Microsoft Teams”:

How to launch Pi-Apps from the GUI method on Raspberry Pi

Another more convenient approach to open the Pi-Apps is by clicking on the top left corner of the screen on the Raspberry Pi Applications, click on the “Preferences” and then on the “Pi-Apps Settings”:


The beginners on Raspberry Pi feel a little bit difficult to download the packages and applications from the command line method. The Raspberry Pi is a Debian-based Linux distribution, but the good thing is that the Raspberry Pi provides a way to download all the applications just like any other app store through the Pi-Apps. In this write-up, we have installed the Pi-Apps on the Raspberry Pi OS using the terminal and also installed the Microsoft Team from the Pi-Apps.

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