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How to install the DOSBox on Raspberry Pi operating system

The DOSBox is an emulator which is open source so anyone can access it by downloading it, moreover, it is supported by different operating systems like macOS and different distributions of Linux. The DOSBox is a command-line-based emulator which is used to operate different DOS applications but mostly it is used for DOS games.

The DOSBox can be installed on the Raspberry Pi operating system and its installation procedure has been discussed in this article with the usage of a DOS application.

How to install the DOSBox on Raspberry Pi

We will update and upgrade all the packages of the Raspberry Pi repository before installing the DOSBox with the command:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y

To install the DOSBox from the repository of the Raspberry Pi using the apt package manager, we will run the command:

$ sudo apt install dosbox -y

We will check the version of the installed DOSBox to confirm the installation:

$ dosbox --version

How to configure the DOSBox on Raspberry Pi

After the successful installation of the DOSBox on the Raspberry Pi, we will make a directory with the name of “My-games”, where all the DOS games should be stored by using the command:

$ mkdir My-games

We will navigate to the newly created directory, My-games, and launch the DOSBox using the command:

$ cd My-games && dosbox

The DOSBox will be launched on the Raspberry Pi:

How to download the DOSBox games on the Raspberry Pi

There are many platforms that provide the access to download DOSBox games free of cost, we will follow the “Abandonia” that has a huge collection of DOSBox games:

We will install the “Crazy Cars”, so search it and then click on the “GET IT!” icon to download it:

Now we will move the zip file of the downloaded game to the “My-games” directory using the command:

$ mv /home/pi/Downloads/’Crazy Cars.zip’ /home/pi/My-games

To extract the zip file of ‘Crazy Cars.zip’, use the command:

$ unzip ‘Crazy Cars.zip’

The file has been unzipped:

How to access the downloaded game of DOSBox on Raspberry Pi

We will launch the DOSBox using the command in the terminal:

$ dosbox

The DOSBox will be launched once again with its command line:

To mount the directory the C so that C is known as the /home/pi/, we will use the command in the command line of DOSBox:

mount c ~

To change the directory from “Z” to “C”, run the command:


We will go to the directory of “cc1” using the command:


List down the contents of the CC1 directory to find out the “exe” file with the command:

dir /p

To run the “exe” file which is with the name of “C”(which could be the application name), we will use the command:


The “C” is the exe file name, which would be different game to game. The game has been launched:


The DOSBox is an MS-DOS emulator with which we can play different DOS games. We simply have to download the DOS game from any website and then launch it with the DOSBox application through some commands on Raspberry Pi. In this write-up, we installed the DOSBox on the Raspberry Pi and learned the method to launch a game with DOSBox after configuring it.

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