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How to Find Hardware Details Raspberry Pi GUI

Getting hardware details about your Raspberry Pi device through commands is a hectic task for most users. You will need to search for commands; each command will provide different results. You won’t get all your system hardware information with a single command. However, there is a GUI-based application designed especially for Linux users that provides them the freedom to get real-time system information.

If you are a Raspberry Pi user and want to find hardware details, follow this article to install the GUI application and get the information onto your system desktop.

How to Find Hardware Details Raspberry Pi GUI

Hardinfo is an application that allows users to view the system information on their desktops and you can install this application on Raspberry Pi system through the following command:

$ sudo apt install hardinfo -y


After completing the installation, you can open this application from the command-line terminal using the command “hardinfo”.

To open this application from the desktop, go to the Raspberry Pi main menu and click on the “System Profiler and Benchmark” option from the System Tools to open the application on your Raspberry Pi system.

The Hardinfo application will show you the hardware information related to your Raspberry Pi device, like CPU, RAM, motherboard and more.

You can also find other system information like operating system information.

The Raspberry Pi model information is in the “Devices” section, or you can explore further options such as network information, benchmarks, sensor information and much more.

Remove Hardinfo from Raspberry Pi

You can remove the Hardinfo application successfully from your Raspberry Pi system using the following command:

$ sudo apt remove hardinfo -y



Getting the complete hardware information on the Raspberry Pi system becomes a straightforward task if you install the “Hardinfo” application on your Raspberry Pi device using the above-mentioned guidelines. The Hardinfo application provides you with complete hardware and system details for your Raspberry Pi and it’s the most suitable way for those who don’t like searching for commands to get the hardware information on their system’s terminal.

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