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Best Raspberry Pi Smart Home Software Options

The Raspberry Pi device can help you create smart home systems, which may include home automation systems, security systems, plant watering systems and much more. However, doing these projects will require a perfect Smart Home automation software installed on your Raspberry Pi device. This article will help you in picking the best smart home software options for your Raspberry Pi device so that you can then control your smart home devices with ease.

Best Raspberry Pi Smart Home Software Options

There are different Raspberry Pi smart home software options and here you will be able to pick the best from the below list to start creating different smart home projects for yourself.

1: Home Assistant

Home Assistant is a best choice for people who want to create smart home projects. It’s an open-source and ideal fit for your Raspberry Pi device that offers various home automation options. You can use the Home Assistant features by installing the Home Assistant OS on your Raspberry Pi device, which is specially designed for home automation systems as it will install Home Assistant on your device and open up the opportunity to use a wide variety of smart home add-ons and features like Google Assistant and Alexa.

2: OpenHAB

OpenHAB is another excellent smart home software option for your Raspberry Pi device that provides people with the platform for automating different appliances. It’s an open-source well-known smart home automation system with a dedicated community. Besides having a web interface, the users can enjoy OpenHAB features on their Android or iOS smartphones. The Raspberry Pi users can efficiently run this software by installing its image on their devices and once it is completed, you can then automate your home appliances on the go.

3: Calaos

Calaos is a free and open-source smart home software that will turn your Raspberry into a smart home system. It will let you control and monitor your home activities with ease. It will run on your Raspberry Pi as an OS and provide you with different smart home functionalities that will range from a low level to powerful user interfaces. You can control your home appliances including lights, play music and turn your home into a smart home that changes ambiance according to your mood.

4: PiDome

PiDome is another perfect smart home software designed for your Raspberry Pi, making the device well capable of controlling your smart home appliances with ease. It allows you to create a controlled environment easily. The dashboard can be configured in any way you want, developers can code their own drivers using built-in code editor. The user-interface is unified and looks similar on all the displays.

5: Mycroft

Mycroft is a bit different smart home software as compared to others. Besides having a dedicated OS, it includes a virtual assistant, similar to Google Assistant and Alexa. It’s an open-source platform that can turn your Raspberry Pi into a smart voice assistant to control your smart home appliances. It can be used in different DIY projects, ranging from a simple science project to creating a global enterprise environment. You can use the Mycroft features by installing its image on your Raspberry Pi device and having a good quality speaker/mic will let you automate your home appliance using the voice commands.


Turning your Raspberry Pi into a home automation system is a hefty task and this can only be possible when you install a perfect home software option on your Raspberry Pi device. The above list will guide you in choosing the best Raspberry Pi smart home software options to easily manage and control your smart home appliances while relaxing on a chair.

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