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Best crypto to mine on Raspberry Pi

Back in the days when cryptocurrency was introduced, Bitcoin was the only coin, but now there are thousands of crypto coins ready to mine. For mining, you will need powerful hardware through which you can generate new coins and verify recent upcoming transactions by consuming the device’s energy resources.

With the Raspberry Pi, you can mine any crypto coin because it includes a powerful processor that allows you to perform the mining process efficiently. However, not all crypto coins work best on Raspberry Pi, so this article will help you choose the best crypto to mine on Raspberry Pi.

What is best crypto to mine on Raspberry Pi

Before getting the information on the best crypto to mine on Raspberry Pi, you must know the requirements needed to mine crypto on Raspberry Pi. The following things are required to start mining on Raspberry Pi:

  • Raspberry Pi device with minimum 4GB RAM
  • Raspberry Pi OS
  • Improved Cooling System for Raspberry Pi so that it would not heat up during the mining process. Purchase Now
  • Quality Power Supply
  • GekkoScience NEWPAC USB Miner

After setting the above things, you are good to start mining with your favorite crypto coin.

Best Crypto to mine on Raspberry Pi

There are multiple coins available for the users to mine on Raspberry Pi but not every coin will give you a profit. You should select the best that gives you more profit. The mining process highly relies on the USB miner as it increases the efficiency of the mining process. There are two main possibilities in the mining process:

Users who want to start mining with a USB miner such as NEWPAC will surely need to pick a crypto coin based on the SHA-256 algorithm. Several crypto coins use the SHA-256 algorithm, including Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinCash (BCH), BitcoinSV (BSV) and more. However, Bitcoin is the most profitable one that needs to be considered if you are going to mine on Raspberry Pi.

If you don’t have a USB miner for a Raspberry Pi device, you can start the mining process using the device’s CPU. In that case, Monero (XMR) coin would be an ideal pick which is the easiest to mine on Raspberry Pi.

Is Mining on Raspberry Pi profitable?

Mining on Raspberry Pi isn’t very profitable as it won’t get you rich in a few days. If you have acquired a large number of Raspberry Pi devices for mining purposes, they will require excess electricity usage. However, if you have a solar panel built especially for these Raspberry Pi devices, you can get some modest profit. These profits don’t make you rich, as with a Raspberry Pi 4 device alone using Monero as a crypto with a hash speed of 100H/s, you will only earn $1 per year. If you do mine with a USB miner using Bitcoin, you can get an average of $ 20 revenue per year.

Final Thoughts

Raspberry Pi is an excellent device that makes it possible for crypto users to start mining using the device’s CPU resource or use a USB miner along with the device. The above guidelines will be crucial in building up your thoughts on choosing the best crypto to mine on a Raspberry Pi device. You can earn a modest profit if you have a free electricity source, but that won’t make you rich in a few days with the Raspberry Pi mining; you have to wait for years till you get a good profit.

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