Does Arduino Uno Have WiFi

Arduino is an electronic board that allows users to control multiple devices. From blinking an LED to controlling a traffic light system Arduino is there. Arduino acts as the brain behind the complex systems and processes the input data. Multiple Arduino projects need WiFi to process data. Here we will discuss WiFi availability in one of the most popular boards used in the Arduino community.

Does Arduino UNO have WiFi

With advancement in technologies, demand and requirement of Arduino boards have also increased in a great number. Lot of people are shifting towards IoT projects. Arduino boards are one of the favorite tools of beginners in this new demanding field. As Arduino UNO is one of the most popular Arduino boards; a question comes to mind: does Arduino UNO have Wi-Fi? Does it fit for my first IoT project? Here we will try to cover all confusions regarding Arduino UNO.

Arduino has developed 4 types of UNO boards each of them has its own specification. Only Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 has WiFi built in available; all others models do not have Wi-Fi available. But they support external Wi-Fi modules.

These are four models of Arduino UNO boards available in market:

  • Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition
  • Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2
  • Arduino Uno Rev3 SMD
  • Arduino Uno Rev3

Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2

Arduino UNO Wi-Fi can be a starter for IoT based projects. UNO Wi-Fi Rev2 is the only board among the UNO family with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It uses ECC608 crypto chip for Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi chip contains Soc with Ip protocol that can act as an access point for other devices or connect to any Wi-Fi network available. It uses a more powerful 8-bit microcontroller named ATmega4809 that has an IMU (Inertial measurement unit). Another unique thing about this chip is it has Bluetooth that can act as host and client for Bluetooth supported devices.

To start programming with Arduino UNO Wi-Fi Rev 2, select Arduino board first.

To select Arduino UNO Wi-Fi, go to: Tools>Board>Arduino AVR Boards>Arduino Uno WiFi.

Technical Specifications

The technical specification of the Arduino Uno WiFi is mentioned in the table below:

Tech specs Arduino UNO Wi-Fi Rev2
Microcontroller ATmega4809
Analog Input Pins 6
PWM Digital I/O Pins 5
Operating Voltage 5V
Digital I/OPins 14
Flash Memory 48KB
Bluetooth Yes
WiFi Yes
SRAM 6144 Bytes
Clock Speed 16MHz
EEPROM 256 Bytes
I2C Yes
Serial Ports 3 Hardware Serial Ports
WiFi Antenna Yes


All Arduino boards are built separately according to the needs of different projects. Over the years multiple Arduino boards are used in different kinds of projects, recently Arduino boards made their way to IoT based smart projects so demand for Wi-Fi supported boards increased. Among Arduino UNO board families, only Arduino UNO WiFi Rev 2 has Wi-Fi pre-installed; all other UNO boards don’t have Wi-Fi feature.

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