Why is Docker Installed But Not Docker Compose?

Docker is a DevOps project development platform that provides containers for development and deployment. It supports various utilities for providing services, such as Docker compose. More specifically, Docker-compose is a popular development tool or utility for creating, managing, and distributing multi-container programs and applications.

This post will describe why Docker is installed but not Docker compose.

Why is Docker Installed but not Docker Compose?

Docker compose is typically installed as part of the Docker installation. However, in older Docker versions, Docker compose was installed manually. Linux users are also required to install Docker compose separately, but it comes pre-installed in Windows and Mac Os.

How to Install Docker Compose on Windows?

To install and configure Docker compose in Windows, look at the given instructions.

Step 1: Install Docker Compose

To install Docker Compose on Windows, click on the attached link. This will automatically start downloading Docker compose on Windows:

Step 2: Copy the Docker Compose Executable File

Next, navigate to the “Downloads” directory. The installation file for Docker compose will be found there. To copy the file, select it and use the “CTRL+C” key:

Next, open the Docker “bin” directory by navigating the “C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\resources\bin” path and paste the copied file here:

Rename the file as “docker-compose.exe” as shown below:

Step 3: Open Command Prompt

From the Windows Start menu, open the Command Prompt Windows default terminal:

Step 4: Run “docker-compose” Command

Execute the “docker-compose” command to verify if the Docker Compose has been installed:

>docker-compose version

It can be observed that the Docker compose version “v2.14.2” has been successfully installed:

This post has explained why Docker is installed but not composed and how to install it.


Docker compose comes pre-installed with Docker Desktop. But in the older versions, Docker compose is not included. To install Docker Compose, navigate to the attached link and download the executable file. Next, rename the file as “docker-compose.exe” and paste it into the Docker bin directory. In this blog, we have demonstrated why Docker is installed but not Docker compose and how to install it.

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