How to Fix New Portainer Installation Error “Your Portainer Instance Timed Out for Security Purposes”

On a new Portainer installation, when you access Portainer at https://<your-server-ip>:9443, you may see the “Your Portainer instance timed out for security purposes. To re-enable your Portainer instance, you will need to restart Portainer” error message.

The error message tells you what to do to fix the problem – restart the Portainer Docker container. Let’s do that.

First, stop the Portainer Docker container with the following command:

$ docker stop portainer


$ sudo docker stop portainer

Then, start the Portainer Docker container again as follows:

$ docker start portainer


$ sudo docker start portainer

Now, try to access Portainer at https://<your-server-ip>:9443 again and the problem should be fixed.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated


In this article, we showed you how to fix the new Portainer installation error “Your Portainer instance timed out for security purposes”.

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