Where are Dell Laptops Made?

Dell is the most demanded and popular electronics brand. It is an American-based company that not only sells laptops and PCs but also manufactures, repairs, and sells other computer components and hardware. Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984 with the tagline Easy as Dell. Ever wondered where Dell laptops/computers are made? In this article, we will explore Dell laptops and their production.

Where Are Dell Laptops Made?

Dell laptops are made and shipped from China as their manufacturing plant mainly resides there. Other than that, Dell has plants in Brazil, Malaysia, and the US. Dell also outsources its manufacturing from different plants in Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin, Texas. Dell’s headquarter is in Round Rock, Texas, and it has many other manufacturing plants across the globe.

Dell laptops are made by a few top-rated companies like Compal, and Dell itself in Brazil, including Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, G Series, and XPS series.

  • Compal manufactures the Dell Latitude series that includes laptops and other hardware, and these are assembled in China with Dell branding.
  • The Dell Inspiron series is manufactured by Wistron and Compal also in China, and they both manufacture different models with different technologies. This laptop series is mainly for home and simple office-based use.
  • Dell’s plant in Brazil manufactures the Vostro series, which is a normal performance laptop series, and is also budget friendly.
  • Compal in China also manufactures the Vostro series.
  • The best laptop series of Dell are Alienware and XPS, and they both are manufactured by Compal in Kunshan, China, and are mainly used in gaming and other heavy-duty tasks.

Dell Laptops Components Suppliers

Many manufacturers supply different components of Dell laptops on a mass level; it is nearly impossible to produce all the components and manage them under a single unit. Dell laptop screens are mainly supplied by AU Optronics, BOE, and LG Display, and TPK supplies touch panels. When it comes to batteries, they are supplied by Panasonic, LG, BYD Electronics, and Samsung. There are tons of other manufacturers and suppliers that supply different components for Dell laptops.


Dell is a big fish in the laptop industry, and it’s one of the most popular laptop brands. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty performance or a simple for office use laptop, Dell laptops are always preferred and are in the top league. Dell manufactures laptops in different plants around the globe; some are in China, some in Brazil, and a few in the USA.

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