What is a Full-Functioned Type-C Port on a Laptop

Nowadays, most laptops have a USB-C port in them, and through this port, you can charge your laptop, transfer data, and even be able to charge your device with your laptop. If you want to transfer audio, video, and other data, then you may require 3 different ports, which is a hurdle; if you want to perform all these actions at a single time through the same port and a single cable, then it is must to have a port called full functional Type-C port also called full-featured Type-C port. Want to know more about a full-functional Type-C port? Go through this article.

  • Full-functioned Type-C ports can transfer data and power at the same time through a single port.
  • Full-functioned Type-C port has a lightning symbol.

What is a Full Functioned Type-C Port

The fully functional Type-C port looked the same as the ordinary Type-C ports in the laptop, but this port is different in functionality. The fully functional Type-C port is used for transferring video, and audio at high speed and power as well. You will also need a special USB-C Thunderbolt 3 cable to fully utilize the functionality of the full-functioned Type-C port.

Features and Benefits of a Full-Functioned Type-C Port in a Laptop

The best thing about a fully-functional Type-C port is that it can perform multiple functions at the same time. You don’t have to look for multiple cables and ports and can transfer all types of data and charge your devices at the same time.

  • It supports both ends of the cable
  • It can transmit data at the higher rate
  • It supports the reverse charging
  • It is safe to use

Does your Laptop Have a Type-C Port

Your laptop may have a Type-C port, but figuring out whether it is a full-functioned port or not can be a hurdle. It can be identified by the icons beside the port:

  • If there is a lightning symbol on the Type-C port in a laptop, then it means that it is a full-functioned Type-C port.
  • If there is a D symbol, then it means it is not a full-functioned Type-C port and a Type-C display port.
  • If there is an SS (SuperSpeed) symbol, then that means the USB-C port is used to transfer data at a very high rate (20Gbps) and is not a full-functioned port.

If you are a MacBook user, then click the Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen, and it will tell you system details, also what type of ports it has. You can identify a full-functional Type-C port from there.

What if you get an Error Message While Connecting with a Full-Functioned Type-C Port

If you get an error message while connecting your Type-C cable with a full-functioned Type-C port, a pop-up can be seen from the power manager that the watts are not supported and you should connect a cable having at least 27 watts. Try connecting a new Type-C cable with compatible watts.


Having multiple ports in a laptop can be confusing in selecting the right port for the right function. The fully-functional Type-C port in your laptop is designed for multiple functions. It can transfer data and charge the device at the same time. Follow the above article to look for the full-functional type-c port and perform all your functions in a single place.

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