Where Are Microsoft Surface Laptops Made?

The place where a laptop is manufactured is a concern of most of the people before buying a laptop and that is because such detail gives an idea about the quality of the laptop. Laptops manufacturers are always on a look for a place where production is easy, lower taxes, material supply is fast and production cost is minimal.

Long ago Microsoft pulled out its production plants from the United States of America and shifted to China, but due to the pandemic Microsoft is trying to shift its production plants to Southeast Asia. If you are looking for details where Microsoft manufactures its surface laptops, then read this guide.

What is the origin of Microsoft Surface laptops?

As from the name, the surface laptops are made by Microsoft which was founded in 1975 By Bill Gates and Paul Allen in New Mexico. Later they shifted to Washington state in 1979, the company initially created a Windows operating system for computers named as MS-DOS which had no GUI. The company started to grow when they created an operating system with GUI in 1985 and their net worth increased to 61 million dollars. Later Microsoft introduced its own web browser named “Internet Explorer” at the time when internet usage started to increase. This is how Microsoft continued to grow and now they make a variety of electronic devices as well, from phones to laptops.

Microsoft in 2017 introduced its surface laptops having a touchscreen and a fully attached keyboard as they were the laptop version of the Surface Book.

Where are Microsoft Surface laptops manufactured?

Microsoft has its headquarters in Redmond, a city of Washington state, but they have shifted their factory to China in 2017 from Wilsonville a city in Oregon state of USA. Moreover, they introduced their surface laptops in 2017 whose production started in this new factory, however due to the coronavirus pandemic Microsoft is trying to shift their factories to the southeast Asian region.

There might be multiple reasons for shifting the production plants as it affects the supply line cost,production cost, and a bunch of other stuff. However, due to shifting of production plants of Microsoft there is a perception that the quality might go downhill for their products but up till now all their products are reliable and have a good quality.


The region of manufacture of a laptop somewhat influences the cost of it and also is an important question for the buyer as well. This is because every country has a different set of rules when it comes to taxes and supply of different materials required for manufacturing. Moreover, the quality of the same product might differ on the basis of manufacturing region.

Microsoft shifted its plant from the USA to China because the taxes there are low as well as 90% of essential materials used to make different chips came from China so that will lower the production cost. Microsoft is manufacturing their surface laptops in China , however the quality of their laptops is still good, in the future they are planning to shift their plants to the Southeast Asian region due to the recent pandemic.

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