Where are Asus Laptops Made?

When it comes to buying a laptop, many people are tempted by the latest and greatest laptop brands. However, shopping for a laptop is not only about choosing the brand and model that best suits your needs; it is also about finding a laptop that fits your budget and fulfills your needs. Thankfully, there are many great laptop brands that offer incredible laptop options at affordable prices. One of the brands that has been offering high-quality laptop options at affordable prices is Asus.

The concept behind making the Asus laptop is to build quality products that provide value to its customers in terms of its durability, long-lasting with fast performance. This product is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable laptop that won’t break the bank and is more environmentally friendly as it uses less energy than traditional laptops. So, the features that this company provides which can rival its competitor make people wonder how they are managing everything and where ASUS laptops are made.

We will be discussing the answer to such questions in this article and will provide you with all the required details so that you can have more understanding regarding the Asus company.

Origin of the Asus Laptops

Asus company was firstly launched in Taiwan by two young Taiwanese engineers T.H Tung and M. Hwang in 1989 who are fond of making motherboards. The brand name Asus from the last 4 letters of the Greek horse with the name of “Pegasus” which is white in color has wings and can fly as well. This horse is the embodiment of improvement, strength, and creativity and that’s the main goal behind creating this company.

Who Manufacture Asus Laptops

There are two main companies which mostly manufacture the Asus laptop in Taiwan; the first one is the ASUSTeK Computer Inc. which mostly manufactures gaming and slim laptops while the second company is Pegatron that focuses on making 2 in 1 or touchscreen laptops for Asus. Sometimes they make their own laptop screen but most of the time they manufacture it from other companies like LG and BOE.

Where Asus Laptops are Assembled

Most of the Asus’s laptops are assembled in China as the labor cost and assembly cost is quite cheap compared to others. Shanghai and Suzhou are the two main cities in China where they have installed all their plants to assemble their laptops not only for the locals but also to export them to other countries as well. Other than that, they have also built their plants in Brazil and in India as well to increase their production speed and make it cheap.

Other than that, Asus has also grown its roots to some other countries as well which are in Bonaduz, one of the cities in Switzerland and Innsbruck that is in Austria. One of the Asus headquarters is also in Chicago USA where normally they make and do research on keyboards and other relevant parts.

In short, the company is headquartered in Taiwan, the United States, and China, with offices located around the world. The company specializes in laptops, desktops, and gaming systems, but its reach extends far beyond these products. For example, Asus offers a wide range of televisions, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Asus laptops are renowned for their outstanding build quality.


The questions “Where ASUS laptops are made” can come in the mind of lots of people all around the world because of the features it provides and still relevantly cheaper compared to others. So the answer is that they have headquarters in the USA, China and Taiwan where most of the parts are assembled.

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