How Many Types of Laptops Are There

With so much advancement around you, how could you forget about the tech world? In the old times, whenever you needed a laptop, you only had a single choice. There weren’t many options available for you. But now, when you are in this era, you have lots of choices to make. There are many laptops that you can consider buying based on their sizes.

How Many Types of Laptops are There?

Remember one thing that here we are talking about the type of laptops and not about their manufacturers. It means we aren’t going to discuss HP, DELL, or Apple laptops explicitly but the types of laptops that are available in the market currently. Laptops have different types they are placed in different categories based on:

  • Size
  • Operating System
  • Usage

Types Of Laptops – By Screen Size

On the basis of size, the following are three different types of laptops:

  1. Notebook Laptops
  2. Ultraportable Laptops
  3. Desktop Replacement Laptops

1: Notebook Laptops

The first type of the laptop that we are going to discuss is the Notebook Laptop. These laptops have a specific screen size through which you can easily differentiate them from the other ones. The screen size is 15.6 inches. Many people confuse these laptops with ultraportable laptops, but they are slightly different. The weight of these laptops is about 5 lbs.

2: Ultraportable Laptops

As the name suggests, these laptops are smaller than notebook laptops. The screen size of these laptops ranges from 13.3 inches to 14 inches. The screen size of these laptops makes them lighter in weight. Ultraportable laptops weigh about 4 lbs. Although these laptops are extremely portable, they offer limited port options.

3: Desktop Replacement Laptops

These laptops have the biggest screen size because they are a bit different from the ordinary laptops. The screen size of these laptops is about 17.3 inches, with a weight of about 10 lbs.

Laptops Pros Cons
Notebook Laptops Common usage, more configuring options available, offers more ports Expensive
Ultraportable Laptops Lightweight, portable Limited configuring options, no upgradability
Desktop Replacement Laptops Lots of I/O ports options, big screen display Expensive

Types Of Laptops – By Operating System

Laptops have a different operating system and based on this the four different laptops are mentioned below:

  1. Windows Laptops
  2. macOS laptops
  3. Linux laptops
  4. Chromebooks

1: Windows Laptops

The first laptop to fall into this category is a Windows laptop. These laptops use Windows as their operating system, that’s why they are known to be Windows laptops.

2: macOS Laptops

These are the laptops manufactured by Apple. Apple laptops or MacBooks are basically the laptops which use their own operating system, said to be macOS.

3: Linux Laptops

If you have a little knowledge in the computer domain, then you must know what Llinux is. Linux is an open-source operating system, and the laptops which use this operating system are said to be called Linux-based laptops.

4: Chromebooks

You must have used Google Chrome at least once in your lifetime. Just like Google Chrome is the product of Google. Similarly, the laptops which use the operating system developed by Google are known to be Chromebooks. The operating system used in Chromebooks is called Chrome OS.

Laptops Pros Cons
Windows Laptops Easy to use, offers many options, cheaper than other laptops, offers more software More prone to malware and viruses, prone to bloatware
macOS Laptops Sleek user interface, less prone to malware attacks, better service Limited options, might be difficult to use if you are not an macOS user, expensive, offers limited upgradability options
Linux Laptops Less expensive, no license cost, require limited resources Must know how to use Linux OS, offers limited support, might not support some hardware
Chromebook Lightweight, a lower requirement of hardware, useful for collaboration, less prone to attacks Low storage, graphics intensive tasks are hardly supported, gaming is hardly supported

Types of Laptops – By Functionality

On the basis of the function the laptops are divided into 3 different categories:

  1. General purpose laptops
  2. Business laptops
  3. Gaming laptops

1: General Purpose Laptops

The General purpose laptops are the ones which are used to carry out daily computational tasks.

2: Business Laptops

As the name suggests, these laptops are specially designed to carry out business-related tasks.

3: Gaming Laptops

If you want to pursue your career in gaming then the best way is to buy a related laptop for the purpose. Such kinds of laptops are known to be gaming laptops.

Laptops Pros Cons
General Purpose Laptops Less expensive, longer battery life, simpler design, portable Low processing power
Business Laptops Long-lasting, better security, more I/O ports options Expensive, bland
Gaming Laptops Fast performance, I/O ports option, excellent performance Unsatisfactory battery life, Expensive


Nowadays laptops are an important gadget in our life, and we have to perform every task on it. Based on their pros and cons, now it is up to you to decide which laptop suits you the best. Give this article a thorough read and look for the requirements which are needed by your preferences.

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