Pop!_OS vs. Zorin OS

Linux is a great platform that offers great compatibility and advanced features by which developers can perform various tasks. However, it always becomes confusing to choose a single Linux operating system because various Linux OS is available for low-end to high-end hardware and beginners to advanced level users. So if you want to learn the difference, read our article as we compare two Linux OS, Pop!_OS and Zorin OS. This article will help you to choose one of these Linux OSs for your system as we have provided complete information.


Pop!_OS is one of the best Linux operating systems based on Ubuntu, and American Linux computer manufacturer System76 develops it. This Linux distro is filled with a  custom GNOME desktop by default and available as an open-source operating system.

Pop!_ OS’s latest version is 20.04, based on Ubuntu’s latest version,  20.04 LTS. That’s why POP!_OS delivers solid and stable software support by removing the previous versions’ bugs.  Pop!_ OS’s latest version also has a new library support system for repository management. This latest feature helps a user to change the default system repository mirrors and reset mirrors to default.

Features of Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS provides multiple features, such as:

  • This Linux distro has an automatic Window Tiling system.
  • A user can utilize the latest option of a new application launcher.
  • Pop!_OS provides a stacking feature and increased hybrid graphics support.
  • This Linux distro now gives flatpack support.
  • Pop!_OS has GNOME 3.36 and Linux Kernel 5.8 support.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a great Linux operating system for those switching from Windows to Linux, and it is based on Ubuntu. This Linux distro is designed and developed by an open-sourced community, and it is designed to provide a faster and powerful experience on a mid-end hardware machine.

Zorin OS works to provide a better security and privacy option as it is based on Ubuntu. As we have mentioned earlier, this Linux operating system is built to provide a good alternative to Windows, supporting Windows OS applications.

Features of Zorin OS

So here is the list of best features offered by Zorin OS:

  • This Linux distro is very reliable and fast.
  • It provides the look and feels of Windows XP with Linux-related features.
  • This Linux distro offers amazing security for the user’s data.
  • It provides flexibility to use Windows applications on the Linux system.

Pop!_OS vs. Zorin OS: System Requirements

Factors Zorin OS Pop!_OS
Best For Mid end hardware Mid end hardware
RAM requirements 512MB RAM for the Lite edition 2GB but 4GB is recommended
Processor Requirements 700MHz single-core 32-bit is required for the Lite edition dual-core 64bit recommended

Pop!_OS vs. Zorin OS: Comparison Table

Factors Zorin OS Pop!_OS
Created By A community creates Zorin OS. System76 (AmericanLinux manufacturer)
Skills Required Beginner Beginner
Based On Ubuntu Ubuntu LTS Release
Best For It is the best Linux distro if you are switching from Windows or Mac to Linux. It is the best Linux distro if you want to do gaming on your system.
Hardware Support Zorin OS amazing driver compatibility. It doesn’t provide driver compatibility better than Zorin OS.
Hardware Requirements Mid end hardware requirements Mid end hardware requirements
Stability It is a very stable Linux OS. It is a very stable Linux OS.
Release Cycles There is no fixed release cycle. It has a fixed release cycle: every two years.


We hope you got complete details and thorough information about Pop!_OS vs. Zorin OS that can help you choose one of them according to your requirements. In our opinion, if you are switching from Windows or Mac to Linux, then you can go for Zorin OS as it offers WINE for using Windows applications, but if you want to do gaming on your Linux system, then you can go for Pop!_OS.

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