How To Install MySQL Workbench on Pop!_OS

A comprehensive visual tool for database management is MySQL Workbench. Its graphical user interface makes it simpler for database architects and managers to model data, create and execute SQL queries, and administer databases. The MySQL Workbench is a tool used for administration and data modeling.

It simplifies the creation of MySQL databases through an EER diagram, which is subsequently used to produce SQL scripts and modify and run SQL queries and scripts. Additionally, Workbench facilitates the conversion of several RDBMS solutions to MySQL. So this guide will explain different methods to install MySQL Workbench on Pop!_OS, an Ubuntu-based distro.

How To Install MySQL Workbench on Pop!_OS

Let’s start the process by updating the system through the following commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

If your system does not contain the snap utility, then please run the following command to install it:

sudo apt install snapd

Now, run the following command to install the MySQL Workbench Community through the Snap package:

sudo snap install mysql-workbench-community

Set Up the MySQL Server

After installing the Workbench, you can now install and set up the MySQL server in the system using the following command:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

You can verify the status of the MySQL service to verify whether it is working or not:

sudo systemctl status mysql.service

If you want to know more about configuring the MySQL server, you can check out our guide.


This article discussed the simple ways to install the MySQL Workbench on Pop!_OS without getting any errors. We have used the Snap package approach to install the Workbench. Moreover, we explained the way to check out the status of MySQL and the method to configure it easily.

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