Pop!_OS Vs Linux Mint Compared

Various types of Linux OS are available to fulfill different users’ requirements. Linux operating systems like Arch Linux, Gentoo, and Kali Linux are the most suitable for advanced users. Linux Mint, Pop!_OS, Ubuntu, etc., are best for beginners. Although experienced users know which OS they should use, this is different for beginners. Some new users are always confused about which Linux OS is best for them. So, if you are also a beginner, this guide will briefly compare Pop!_OS and Linux Mint.

Pop!_OS Vs Linux Mint Compared [Updated 2023]

Before moving to the brief comparison of Pop!_OS vs. Linux Mint, let us understand why these Linux operating systems are so popular.

What is Pop!_OS?

Pop!_OS (Ubuntu-based Linux distro) is an open-source OS with a customized GNOME desktop environment called COSMIC. This operating system is developed to offer a well-organized, clean, and easy-to-use desktop. Pop!_OS provides fantastic support for AMD and Nvidia GPUs. That is why you can tweak this OS for gaming because of the GPU support.

System76 (an American manufacturing company of Linux computers) has primarily developed Pop!_OS with the release version source code, which was hosted in the GitHub repository. This OS is not community-driven but you can contribute and modify the code and create custom ISO images. The latest version of Pop!_OS is 22.04 LTS that can run on the following system configuration:

Hardware Minimum Suitable
Storage 20 GB 100 GB
System x86-64 architectures Better than minimum

Features of Pop!_OS

  • Simple to install and easy to use.
  • Offers higher flexibility for graphics options to switch between power-saving GPU usage and graphic chips.
  • Sleek, stylish, and modern and contains various options to tweak the desktop.
  • Contains firmware management and excellent encryption.
  • Provides automatic upgrade tools but doesn’t store any information about a user.

What is Linux Mint?

Linux Mint (Ubuntu-based distro) is a free and open-source Linux OS. This OS is modern, comfortable, easy to use, and comes with powerful utilities. It was developed by Clément Lefèbvre but is currently maintained by the large community and the Linux Mint. This Linux distro is popular because of the excellent multimedia support for those who include proprietary tools such as multimedia codecs.

Linux Mint has a custom desktop, web-based package installation UI, and various configuration tools. Cinnamon edition default DE (desktop environment) of Linux Mint, which is slick, elegant, and has many features. Linux Mint 21 is the latest version that you can run on the following system configuration:

Hardware Minimum Suitable
Storage 20 GB 100 GB
Resolution 1024X768 1440 x 900
CPU X86 32 bit processor 64 bit (2 GHz speed) single core

Features of Linux Mint

  • Easy to use, simple to install, and best for beginners.
  • Contains WebP image support and various types of desktop environments.
  • Provides LTS support for 5 years.
  • Easily customizable and contains various useful pre-installed applications.
  • Comes with different editions such as Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce.

Comparison Between Pop!_OS and Linux Mint

There are some significant differences and similarities between Pop!_OS and Linux and here is the comparison table:

Comparison Factors Pop!_OS Linux Mint
Desktop Environment GNOME Cinnamon
Release Cycle 6 month cycle (April and October) Long term support (2 years)
Targeted Users Beginners and intermediate Beginners
Based On Ubuntu Debian and Ubuntu
Hardware Requirements Middleweight Middleweight
Package manager APT and snappy APT and snappy

Pop!_OS Vs Linux Mint: Which One is Better?

Pop!_OS and Linux Mint are best for beginners and provide a fresh experience to the users. However, there is always an argument between users that Linux Mint is not optimized enough. Linux Mint uses Cinnamon, which feels a bit outdated, so many users think it is old. On the other side, Pop!_OS is completely based on Ubuntu with the latest MESA drivers making it simple for Nvidia lovers.


This is a brief comparison between Pop!_OS and Linux Mint with their basic details. We have created a complete comparison table to clarify their differences. Moreover, we have also included the users’ experience with these Linux distros.

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