How To Take Screenshot On An ASUS Tablet

Screenshots are one of the essential nowadays and everyone is aware of the screenshot, but if you are not familiar with the screenshot, then for you this is the right place where we will discuss the screenshots as well as the method of taking a screenshot in ASUS tablets.

What are the screenshots

Screenshots are taking images of the screen of mobile, laptops, and tablets to save the data displayed on it. In older times, people had to open the information on a website, then take a notebook and note that information there with the help of a pen. The hustle of writing all this on the notebook and carrying the notebook everytime with them was hectic so the alternative and the easiest way is to take the screenshot of such information and store the screenshots.

What are the ASUS tablets

ASUS is the most popular manufacturing company of laptops, mobiles, tablets, and its accessories. The tablets are the most popular product of ASUS in different regions of the World, and one of the most popular ASUS tablets nowadays is ASUS Chromebook tablet having the specifications of Hexa core processor, 4GB RAM, and a 9.7 display with a light-weight.

How to take a screenshot in ASUS tablet

In ASUS tablets, there are two buttons present on either side of the tablet, one of which is to control the volume of the tablet and other is to lock the tablet screen. If you want to take a screenshot,

Step 1: Open the specific information on the screen

Step 2: Put your fingers on the volume button and on the lock screen button.

Step 3: Press both the keys at the same time and hold them until you get a captured notification on the screen, then it will ask you to crop the image if you want to do so, and atlast save the screenshot.


Screenshots are the important feature of capturing the screen image displaying the information about something and storing it in the gallery. The methods to capture a screenshot are different for different mobile, tablets, and laptops, so in this write-up, the method of taking a screenshot on an ASUS tablet has been discussed in detail.

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