How to Restart Chromebook Laptop When Frozen?

Chromebooks are laptops that allow you to do your tasks with ease. However, these laptops are not powerful enough to run high computational tasks for a longer period of time. It may get stuck or frozen after performing some heavy task, preventing you from using the operating system. In case if your Chromebook laptop is freezing, then restarting the Chromebook is a better solution. Read this guide to know how to restart your frozen Chromebook.

Causes of Chromebook getting frozen

Several reasons can cause your Chromebook to get frozen:

  • Missing or damaged Chrome OS file
  • Chromebooks lock up because of loud fan noise
  • Internal and external hardware problems
  • The issue with the recently installed application

Signs of Frozen Chromebook

The main sign of a frozen Chromebook is that its screen turns black, or the screen gets stuck at the operation you are doing at that time. If the Chromebook does not turn off as you turn it off normally, then it is also a sign of a frozen Chromebook.

How to Restart Chromebook When Frozen?

If your Chromebook freezes, then you can unfreeze it by restarting it. To restart your Chromebook, you have to try these three Methods:

  1. Restarting the device from the notification bar
  2. Using a keyboard shortcut to restart the device
  3. Using the power button to restart the device

1: Restarting the Device from the Notification Bar

Whenever your Chromebook freezes but your mouse and keyboard are still working properly, then you can restart your Chromebook from the notification bar, and the work that you are doing at that time will also be saved.

Step 1: Click on the notification bar.

Step 2: Now click on the shutdown option on the top of the notification window:

2: Using The Power Button To Restart the Device

If your Chromebook keyboard and mouse get frozen, simply press and hold the Power button for 3 to 5 seconds and then release. Turn on your Chromebook by pressing the power button again.

3: Using Keyboard Shortcut to Restart the Device

You can also restart your Chromebook through keyboard shortcut keys if the mouse and screen are frozen. This method will not save your work. To unfreeze your frozen Chromebook, try these keyboard shortcuts:

Press the Ctrl+Shift+Q+Q to restart your Chromebook

You can also press the Power+Refresh button to reboot your Chromebook fast:

Prevent your Chromebook from Freezing

You can prevent your Chromebook from freezing by following these tricks:

  • Avoid opening too many tabs on the Chrome browser.
  • Don’t run High computational tasks on your Chromebook
  • Don’t connect a lot of external devices with your Chromebook.
  • Check on system resources using the task manager.


Chromebooks sometimes freeze, and you can restart them to resolve the issue and get rid of the frozen screen, but not to worry because it is very simple to restart your Chromebook through your keyboard. Follow the above-mentioned methods to restart your Chromebook and if you ever face such an issue, try any of the mentioned methods.

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