How to remove battery from Asus Laptop

Asus laptops are the best in business when it comes to providing users the comfort and a unique design that catches people’s interest. However, it doesn’t matter how powerful your laptop is; it still doesn’t give you any guarantee about its components once their life ends.

Among the components, the Asus laptop battery is the one that is usually affected once a certain amount of battery cycles is consumed. It leaves behind a dead battery forcing your laptop to operate directly from a plugged-in charger. The only solution now is to remove the battery and replace it with the new one to continue working with your Asus laptop for a longer time on a single charge.

If you need guidance to remove the battery from an Asus laptop, you should read this article.

How to remove battery from Asus Laptop

Usually, the batteries in old Asus laptops are removable, while in the new models, the batteries are fixed, so removing them will be quite challenging as they may damage the laptop. However, you don’t need to worry about anything as here we will provide you with the methods to remove both types of batteries from the Asus laptops.

1: Removing a Removable Battery from Asus Laptop

Removing a removable battery from an Asus laptop is a straightforward task and you won’t find any difficulty in doing it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove a removable battery from Asus Laptop:

Step 1: First turn off your laptop using the Power button.

Step 2: Next, flip your laptop and find the battery there. You will find some latches near the battery that you will need to slide to unlock the padlock. Once the padlock is unlocked, shake your laptop a little bit by lifting it and this will take out your battery from the laptop.

Step 3: Now insert a replacement battery at the same place and once it’s done, carefully engage the latches to lock the padlock. It replaces your battery and you can turn on your system to check whether the battery is perfectly running.

2: Removing a Non-Removable Battery from Asus Laptop

This method may be a little bit trickier for someone who doesn’t have any prior experience working with the battery. The non-removable battery is fixed in your laptop; thus, it’s a hard job to remove it from your laptop but don’t worry if you follow the below-mentioned steps, you can easily remove the non-removable battery from the laptop.

Step 1: First, you must open your laptop’s back side using a screwdriver. It’s better to purchase a set of screwdrivers so that you can easily unscrew the screws within your laptop. The reason is not all screws within your laptop are of the same size so you will probably need a good screwdriver set, which you can get from the website.

Step 2: Now, purchase a replacement battery for your laptop; it should be a non-removable one so that you can fix it in place of the old one. You have to choose your battery wisely based on your laptop model. Ensure that the new battery has the same voltage and if you install an incompatible battery on your laptop, you might have difficulty controlling your desktop environment. It can also damage your laptop’s motherboard.

After ensuring that you follow both the above steps carefully, it’s now time to replace your battery by moving towards next steps.

Step 3: Turn off your laptop and start unscrewing the screws on the back side of your laptop. It’s better to use a tissue paper or a cloth to place the screw there so that you can easily find them when you complete the process.

Step 4: After screwing up the casing, it’s time to expose your laptop’s internal component. You may need a different screwdriver for this case, so you must ensure that you have the required screwdriver in your case.

Step 5: At the surrounding of your laptop battery, unscrew all the screws that attach your laptop battery to your board. You may need to unclip the ribbon cable that attaches your battery to the motherboard and this needs to be done carefully.

Step 6: After removing all the screws and cable, you can easily lift your cable and place the new one. Screw all the screws at their exact place and clip the ribbon cable to attach the new battery to the motherboard (Follow the steps in reverse order).

Step 7: After installing the battery, don’t close the lid before checking whether your laptop is running on battery or not. You can do it by turning on your laptop and checking the battery status. If it’s working fine, you can close the lid and start using your laptop.


There are two types of batteries in the Asus laptop; the one with the removable one is pretty simple to be removed, while you may need some effort to remove a non-removable battery. We have provided you with some guidelines in this article that will help you remove both types of batteries from your laptop within a few minutes. You should be careful while selecting a battery and it’s better to read out the old battery specs before purchasing a new one.

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