How To Remove A Stripped Screw From A Laptop

Using a laptop one can encounter a number of problems that can be either related to the hardware or to the software. Both types of issues can be resolved if one has a proper knowledge of how a laptop works. Coming to the hardware related issue, sometimes one has to open up the laptop to get it working.

While trying to open the laptop from the back side there is a possibility that you might strip a screw and sometimes opening such a screw can be frustrating. So, to help you if you are stuck in such a pitiful situation, I have explained some tricks to get it out nicely.

Removing a stripped screw from the laptop

Removing a stripped screw can become a real pain sometimes but do not worry as you can try the following tricks:

Trick 1: Use a different shape of screwdriver

Most of the screws used to fix the body of the laptop are cross slot or Phillips head and they have tendency to get de-shaped if not opened correctly or are opened very often. So, if in your case there is a Phillips head screw that is stripped then try using the slotted screwdriver and try to move the screw without slipping the screwdriver. If your laptop does not have the Phillips head screws, then look for the appropriate shape in which you can think that screwdriver will fix easily and try using that shape screwdriver.

Trick 2: Use rubber band to remove the stripped screw

Another trick that can move you out form such a situation is to try placing a rubber band on the screw and press the screwdriver and try rotating it firmly and if still it is slipping then move to the next trick.

Trick 3: Use plier to remove the stripped screw

If you have tried the above tricks and are still stuck, then there is a possibility that the hinges inside the screw have gone flat so if you have a plier then try to rotate the screw by grabbing the inner side and the outer side of the screw using the plier. If you are still stuck, then try the next and the last trick and pray that it must work.

Trick 4: Use super glue to open the stripped screw

The last trick that you can try is by spreading super glue on the screw and placing a screwdriver on the screw. Spread the glue in such a way that the screwdriver is firmly fixed on the screw and next wait for the glue to get dry. Once the glue is dry now try rotating the screwdriver and do a little wiggling so that glue can come off if it is stuck from the plastic body of the laptop.

Points to remember to avoid stripping of screws

  • Never try to over tight the screws of the laptop
  • Use the same shape screwdriver as the shape of the screw
  • Avoid using thread lockers on the screws


Opening the back cover of the laptop can sometimes get annoying just because one or two screws are stripped. There are a number of ways one can find to remove a stripped screw from the laptop but not all are the safe methods. I have explained some of the easiest and the safest methods that everyone can try to remove a stripped screw easily.

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