How To Measure Laptop Size

After the make and model, the thing that you most commonly hear about laptops is their size. Depending on what you are using your laptop for, the size of it could be the most important factor in a purchase. But despite this, laptop size is something that a lot of people get confused about.  

The size of a laptop is something that is measured similarly to the size of the TV. Yet, it is something that a lot of people struggle to understand. Just like televisions, the size of a laptop is measured in inches. But in what direction on the laptop is the screen measured? 

How To Measure Laptop Size

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at what is considered to be a laptop’s “size”, and also how to measure the size of your laptop. So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading.  

What Is Meant By Laptop “Size”?

Measuring the size of your laptop can often be confusing. This is primarily because there are quite a few different things that you can measure on your laptop.

From the size of the keyboard to the size of the laptop with the border included, you might not know what is actually considered to be a laptop’s overall “size”. But, laptop size is measured by the size of the screen.  

When you are using a laptop, it is usually the size of the screen that is the most important factor.

This is also the main factor that influences which laptop a person will purchase in the first place, and it is easy to see why.

Ultimately, the size of the keys and touchpad will not matter if the screen is not big enough for what you want it to do. So, for this reason a laptop’s size is measured solely by looking at the display screen. 

This means that when you see a 13-inch or 17-inch laptop, for example, it is only the screen of the laptop that is measured.

For this reason, if you were to measure your laptop yourself, you would find that the overall size of the laptop is far greater than this. But how is the laptop’s screen measured? 

Are Laptop Sizes Measured Diagonally? 

So, the advertised “size” of a laptop will solely look at the screen of the laptop. But, if you were to get out a tape measure and measure the width of your laptop, you might be surprised to find that the width is far greater than the advertised size that you purchase.

You might find yourself thinking that you have had a great bargain, and that the seller must have simply marked this laptop incorrectly. But this isn’t the case. This is because, if you have measured your laptop’s “size” by width, you have measured it incorrectly. 

Just like television size, the size of your laptop is also measured diagonally.

This means that if you look at the width and height of your laptop screen, you will find that neither measures the advertised size of the laptop.

This is because the only way that you will find this measurement within your laptop screen is by looking at the diagonal measurement of it. 

When you measure your laptop diagonally, it is important to note that only the screen should be included in this measurement. The “size” of your laptop does not include the bezel.

The bezel is the casing that surrounds the laptop screen, holding it securely in place. So bear in mind that the advertised size of your laptop will only take into account the screen of the laptop. Nothing else. 

How To Measure Laptop Size

If you are looking to buy a new laptop, as we have said, the screen is one of the most important factors to consider.

If you are not certain of the size of a laptop, and find yourself having to measure it, it is important that you do so correctly to avoid any disappointment.

Another reason why you might find yourself measuring the size of your laptop is to buy a carry case for it, in which case measuring correctly is incredibly important. But how do you do this? Let’s take a look. 

Well, as we have said, laptop size is measured diagonally. So instead of taking your tape measure and measuring vertically or horizontally, you instead want to take hold of the tape measure, and begin in the bottom left-hand corner.

From there, you can then measure diagonally up to the top right-hand corner of the laptop’s screen.

But remember, the bezel is not included in this. So, you should only measure the screen of the laptop, and nothing else. This is the “size” of your laptop.  

As you have probably noticed, the majority of manufacturers will measure the size of their laptops in inches. But, this isn’t the case for all retailers, and some will measure the size of a laptop screen in centimeters.

This measurement alone can be enough to throw you. So, here are some conversions for the standard laptop measurements:

  • 17-inch – 43.2 cm
  • 15.6-inch – 39.60 cm
  • 15-inch – 38.10 cm
  • 14-inch – 35.60 cm
  • 13.3-inch – 33.80 cm
  • 12.1-inch – 30.70 cm
  • 11.6-inch – 29.50 cm

While the size of your laptop is solely measured by looking at the screen of the laptop, the dimensions of your laptop may also be important. Especially if you are measuring your laptop to purchase a bag for it.

So here are some other measurements to consider: 

  • Width – measure horizontally from left to right. 
  • Height – close your laptop and measure from the bottom to the top of it. 
  • Depth – measure vertically across your closed laptop from top to bottom. 


In short, to measure the size of your laptop, you solely need to look at the screen of the laptop.

To measure it correctly, you should begin in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and measure diagonally up to the top right-hand corner of the screen.

But, there are some other dimensions that you might want to take into account when measuring your laptop, we have taken a look at these in this guide. 

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