How To Clean Laptop Touchpad

Laptops tend to last for a longer time when taken good care and one of the caring factors is keeping your laptop touchpad clean by cleaning it every once in a while. However, laptops can get damaged if not cleaned with proper care, so if you are looking for a safe and easy way to clean your laptop touchpad then read this guide as I am going to explain how you can clean your laptop touchpad the easy and safe way.

What are the tools required for cleaning the laptop touchpad?

Having required tools for a specific task can always make the work easy, so below are some of the tools or equipment you must have to clean your laptop touchpad:

  • 2 clean dry microfiber cloths
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton buds
  • Isopropyl solution, perfume, or aftershave

How to clean the laptop touchpad

Once you have the above items then follow the given the steps carefully:

Step 1: First of all, shut down your laptop and disconnect it from the charger, now to avoid any chance of damaging the electronics, remove the battery of the laptop if possible. Also disconnect all the peripherals attached with the laptop.

Step 2: Next use the microfiber cloth to clean the dust from the touchpad in such a way that it doesn’t go into the spaces around the touchpad.

Step 3: Now dip a piece of the microfiber cloth into water and start rubbing it on the touchpad and its buttons to remove stains and grime on it. However, make sure that water must not get into the open spaces around the touchpad.

Step 4: After that use the toothpicks to clean the dust in the spaces around the touchpad and make sure it should not fall off into the spaces. After that, slightly dip one side of the cotton bud into water and rub it on the corners of the touchpad and its buttons to remove the dust or stains.

Step 5: Now use the dry part of the microfiber cloth to dry the surface of the touchpad.

Step 6: Once you are done cleaning now it’s time to disinfect the touchpad, so use the second microfiber cloth and pour some drops of isopropyl solution on it. You can use perfume or aftershave as well for disinfection.

So, gently start to rub the microfiber cloth on the touchpad and do the same at least two to three times by dripping more drops of solution and changing the sides of the cloth.

Step 7: Once you are done, wipe a clean microfiber cloth on your laptop touchpad to give it a clean look and turn on your laptop.

Tips to keep your touchpad in good condition

Below are the things to do to keep your laptop touchpad in good condition:

  • Protect your touchpad from starches by applying protector on it
  • Avoid eating snacks or anything while using a laptop on your lap as it can go into the spaces around the touchpad.
  • Use the touchpad gently to avoid any scratches on it
  • Clean the touchpad occasionally

Important note: Be careful when using any fluids to clean your touchpad because spillage of even a drop can fry the electronics. Moreover, don’t use dishwashing soap or another detergent as it can react with the body of the laptop.


Keeping a laptop clean adds up more time in its life span, and it also enhances the performance of the laptop. Laptop touchpad is one of its devices that is used to interact with it so it is imperative to keep it clean so that it can function properly. Try to protect the touchpad by using a cover for it and cleaning it occasionally.

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