How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen?

Having a broken laptop screen can halt many tasks as laptops have now become a key part of our day-to-day life. On a broken laptop screen, you see different visual defects. That could be lines, colored pixels, or black patches. In many cases, you may even not see the screen turning on.

Laptop screens can be damaged due to various reasons; you might have dropped them somewhere; the laptop might have hit some hard surface or even a small sand particle in the screen can cause the damage.

Now, the question is how much does it cost to fix a broken laptop screen? Well, according to the nature of the damage, it differs. In this article, we are going to cover the estimated cost of fixing a laptop screen and see whether a laptop screen can be fixed at home or not.

How Do I Find If My Laptop Screen Is Damaged or Not?

Various indications can help you in finding out whether the laptop screen is damaged or not.

Let’s list them:

  • If the screen shows lines, or distorted images then that means that screen has malfunctioned.
  • If you see black spots on the screen, then it indicates that the screen is physically damaged or cracked.
  • If you find no display, then it could be a loose connection between the laptop screen cable with the motherboard.

What Are the Factors on Which Screen Repair Cost Depends?

The laptop screen fixing cost depends upon various factors, such as:

  • Whether the laptop is under warranty or not
  • The nature of the damage
  • The manufacturer of the laptop
  • Can the damage be fixed at home or not

First, find out if your laptop is under warranty or not. If it is, then go for it as it would not cost you anything if the screen damage fell under the terms and conditions of the warranty.

The repair cost also depends upon the manufacturer of the laptop. A standard laptop (Windows) can cost around $150-$200 whereas an Apple laptop would cost slightly higher due to the complexity of the repair.

If the distortions on the screen are due to software or Windows bugs, then they can be fixed by using some quick tricks. Or if the connecting cable of the screen and motherboard has loosened then it can also be adjusted. It would hardly cost you anything except some tools and a bit of expertise.

If the screen is physically damaged, then it needs to be replaced. Replacing a laptop screen is not an easy task, as it requires proper expertise.

How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost?

This question has a complicated answer. On average if the laptop is repaired by a qualified technician, then it could cost around $300. Or if you are fixing it by yourself then you may need to buy a replacement screen online and that could cost $50-$100.

If you don’t have proper tools, then they would also cost $25-$80. Ensure that you have the required skills before opting for the later solution as if one step went wrong then it would break the laptop as well.

What Do Different Laptop Screens Cost?

Laptops come with different screen sizes therefore each laptop has different screen specifications that include the type of screen (LCD/LED), size, and resolution. The cost also depends upon the manufacturer, a reputable manufacturer costs more than a normal manufacturer.

The cost of the laptop display varies depending upon the type: the cost of an LCD is less than LED. The estimated cost of an LCD screen is $50-$100, while the LED would cost around $200.

Windows laptops vary in size, there are a variety of laptops available in the market, so listing all the laptop screen size costs would be difficult. The Windows-based laptop screen size generally ranges from 11.6”-17”. The price of the screens would go from $40-$150.

Apple laptop screens cost more than normal Windows-based laptops. MacBooks don’t have huge size variations as they come only in 13, 15, and now 16 inches screen sizes. The screen costs of MacBooks are mentioned in the table below:

Display Type Cost
Apple MacBook 13 Inches Display $260
Apple MacBook 15 Inches Display $500
Apple MacBook 16 Inches Display $560

To find prices of laptop screens from different manufacturers visit LCDBROS

Price to Fix Laptops Screens from Different Manufacturers

The laptop screen fixing price is also manufacturer dependent. Now, we will list some of the widely used laptop brands and their screen replacing and fixing costs:

Dell Laptops

Dell is one of the widely acknowledged Windows-based laptop brands that not only manufactures laptops for normal usage but also for gaming. The estimated cost of fixing a Dell laptop screen is $45-$80. The cost could go up to $150-$200 for higher-end models.

HP Laptops

HP is another manufacturer that makes high-end laptops. The approximate cost to fix an HP laptop screen from a professional would be $300.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo ThinkPad is another popular laptop series. The price to repair or replace the screen on a Lenovo laptop is $60, while other models can cost as much as $350.

ASUS Laptops

ASUS laptop screens cost around $40-$70; adding the repairer charges makes the estimated fixing cost around $130-$170.

Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba is another manufacturer that makes laptops, though Toshiba is not as widely popular as other brands still, the repair cost of the Toshiba laptop screen is $60-$240.

Acer Laptops

Acer laptop screen costs around $50. The repair cost of the Acer laptop including the screen cost is $100 but it can go up to $300 for other models.

Samsung Laptops

Samsung is another well-reputed and reliable laptop manufacturer. Samsung is also famous for making top-notch LED displays. Most Samsung devices contain LED displays including laptops so, the cost would be a little bit higher. The repair cost of a Samsung laptop is $140-$200. Older models of Samsung laptops including Chromebook screens can cost $60-$80.

Apple MacBooks

MacBooks are famous for their quality. Apple pays special attention to its laptop displays. MacBooks come with high-resolution displays also known as Retina Displays. The MacBook’s screen cost $250-$500, and including the repair cost makes it even more expensive.

Apple laptops are hard to fix, therefore the repairers usually charge more than normal laptops.

Apple provides AppleCare service to fix the broken laptop and other technical issues. AppleCare charges $100 for the labor. So, approximately you need to spend a minimum of $450 (including display cost, labor and tax) to fix the MacBook’s screen.

Other Tips to Fix the Laptop Screen

Some tips to consider before going to repair the broken laptop screen are:

  • It should always be preferred to search properly before visiting the laptop repair shop. Search screen cost and average labor cost.
  • Find a qualified technician to repair the laptops. Best Buy, Dell Expert Repair Services, and Computer Expert USA are known for their repair services.
  • Check the other people’s reviews about a specific repairer.
  • AppleCare should always be prioritized to fix MacBooks. If you feel AppleCare is overcharging, then trying the third-party repairer is also a good choice.


Laptop Screens: Are They Worth Repairing?
Most laptops available currently on the market are repairable. It is rare that you don’t find the replacement screen of a specific model of laptop.
If the laptop model is the latest, then going for the new model just because your screen is broken does not make sense. If the laptop model is old and it is hard to find the parts of it then opting for the new laptop is the best choice.

What Does a Touch Screen Laptop Repair Cost?
Well, nowadays many manufacturers are making touchscreen laptops. Touchscreens cost more than normal laptop screens. The average cost of a laptop touchscreen is $80-$150. The estimated cost to fix a touchscreen is $250-$350.

Should Third-Party Repairers be Considered to Repair MacBooks?
It is a personal choice. AppleCare is a certified service, but they usually cost more as compared to local repairers. But if the repairer is reliable and has got good reviews then it is absolutely fine.

Can I Fix/Replace the Laptop Screen?
Replacing or even fixing a laptop screen is not an easy job. You need the required tools and proficiency to open the laptop and untie the connection and then put it back. It is recommended to go for a reliable repairer to fix the screen of the laptop as it is a complex process.

What Are Best Buy’s Charges to Fix the Screen?
Best Buy charges $250-$500 to fix the laptop screen.

Can a Laptop Screen Be Fixed without Replacing It?
Well, in many cases the laptop is not physically damaged, but some software issue is causing the problem. In that situation removing the specific software or simply restarting the laptop can fix the problem. With time the laptop screen connecting cable also gets loose. Adjusting the cable can also fix the laptop screen issue.


The display is the most essential part of the laptop. The laptop becomes almost useless if the screen gets broken. As the screen is the sensitive part of the machine the chances of getting it broken are also high. But if for some reason your laptop screen gets broken then try to visit a certified repairer to replace the screen. Replacing the broken laptop screen needs expertise and care, so it is recommended to go for official repair service providers or some reliable third-party laptop technician.

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